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Do you make a living from fiverr?

Does anyone here make a living from fiverr, do you work everyday on fiverr or do you work only a certain amount of days?

Im making around $950 a month some months it is $1000 some months its less but wouldnt say its enough to live on especially these days and with the conversion rate and fiverr taking a percentage etc… and if you have rent and other things to pay, i do still live with my parents im only 20 but i do also have a part time job and am working on my music career but I would love to make fiverr my full time job.

Anyone who does do fiverr full time have any tips?


Until you’re not able to make a considerable amount each month (which anyway will not be always sure, as all freelancers know) you need to keep a normal job going.
When I started here, my first month was a $350, and mostly around that the next 2 years until my Gig started to go up and now I make amounts that I won’t share here, some people would think that’s a lot, but for a country like Germany you won’t make a living especially when you have to pay rent or health insurance.
I could also work here full-time but I keep my sales controlled because I have no time for all my orders. The problem with freelancing is that you need always to have a plan “B” ready for any storm that may fall.
In other countries people can make a nice living with what I make, but in Europe, you really need to be over an important amount to consider quit your job and do just this.

Edit: and don’t forget taxes! Resuming: Health Insurance, Car Insurance, House Insurance, Taxes each year, Pension/Retirement, Rent or Credits… that’s a lot every month, which changes considerably when you keep a normal job that takes care of those essencials.


Yes, I do, and others do as well.

Here’s the thing: in my country $1K a month is just enough to live a relatively decent life, so that means your earnings can be more than enough in some areas of the globe, or far less than enough in others.

  • try not to lose your sanity by still living & enjoying your real life, since freelancing can have the effect of dragging you into an abyss of overwork, overwhelming and lack of social life

  • what also worked for me is to hang around this forum - it’s a great way to relax, have some fun, help others with your experiences…

  • and yes, like @wuerz123 said, you also need to have a Contingency Plan since freelancing has its constant ups and downs


Seriously? I thought Romania was a low expense country. In my country, there are farmers that live on $100 a month, and hot shot software developers / business school grads (who I should have been, had I not dropped out of my last year of college) who make $100k to $150k a year.


One of my friend was a full time fiverr! He earned more than 2.5 k, more or less I think. I was studying and he was doing fiverr. He bought a Brand New car, and lived a luxury life and I was like Oh man! What am I doing ? My only dream was become a success full designer like him. I think he had his account more than 4 years here. So I think you can imagine how much he earned. He had 6th best gig on flyer section. One day suddenly I couldn’t find his gig anymore in the search list and I asked him about the gig! BOOM! His account was banned. Due to what? He forgot to refund two buyers and another two clients had report him to CS that he was not doing well. At that time he had more than 2.5K + 5 star reviews and he well maintained the account. Only mistake was those. Poor guy had no any contingency plans and I think you can imagine what a Disaster it was!! He is still recovering from his loss. So any way I was very happy that I continued my collage studies and listened my parents, so I never had that chaos in my life. So I suggest you! Please continue your studies on your music career and keep this just as a hobby or part time, something like that. My friend did not continue his studies because he got money more than he can earn from a normal job. That is the worst case scenario!!! So consider every possibility that can end up! Make something better for your future!!!


The wage here is really low in most areas of the country. But in the capital it’s fairly high.

Same here, in the cities, the upper class, top 10-20% are quite rich…every house in upper class colonies cost an average of $550k to 600k. If you go outside Bangalore, you can buy a nice house for $10k to $15k. I want to buy a house in the countryside and live an idyllic life, much like @fitrigwrites4u some time. [My fear is there is too much greed in Bangalore. The city is running out of water because of over construction and in 10 years may turn into a wasteland.]

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Your friend should have read this…

@writer99025 If someday you buy a property in the countryside and retired, you don´t have to sell the property you have now in Bangalore. We rent out the property we have in the capital city. Why sell it if it can make money on its own? :slight_smile: Since you like to live solitarily, you would really love living in the countryside. Heck even I who used to be a very social person liking it here very much, and I don´t really miss my good social life. The more I get older the more I don´t want to maintain a good social life. I only stay in touch with a few very good friends and family, that´s it. It is tiring to always keep up with many people. The more I get older, the more I cannot stand their sh*t. But that´s just me. :grin::slight_smile:


Yeah, I want to move to the countryside as well, maybe after I am done with my freelancing and move on to other things that require less work. You don’t have to worry about me selling anything - I have never sold anything that I have inherited from my father 15 years ago…this is an emotional decision, but financially this was a brilliant decision, without me really thinking about it…everyone wants to sell, make fast money…oftentimes the best thing to do is to do nothing…especially in a country like India where the economy grows at 7% and property has been appreciating in double digits since 2000 and stock markets have gone from 4,000 to 31,000 from 2000 to 2017.


I second that. :slight_smile:


Third that!

People have this perception that financial progress is built upon lot’s work & activity. But beyond certain point it’s more about making a few good choices… and then wait.


I make around $1000-$1500/month. In my country that is a lot!!!

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I started from $20 my first month. And now after a year, I make around $100-200/month.

Worked fine for me till now as I have just been graduated.


Here in Macedonia, you can do almost everything that you want for 600-700 euros a month. But I guess that in the developed countries it is much harder to live with that amount of cash.

I got a job offer from a company that wanted me to be their intern for a couple of months, full working time plus on busy days they wanted me to work overtimet.Their offer was 50 euros a month. Allegedly after four months, they would’ve hired me as a full-time employee. It was a big no from me :slight_smile:

In some of the previous threads, @writer99025 mentioned that Fiverr is like a tap and that’s something that I fully agree. Even though if you make a full living just from Fiverr you should have a plan B for “JUST IN CASE”.


I suggest starting a business in addition to the Fiverr work.


Yes. I am working full time. :slight_smile:

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Most definitely. I am working on an idea I have for a start-up. Just I am making the financial analysis as I would need to hire a couple of developers.

I need to make a detailed business plan and then I will apply for an “innovation grants” that are offered by the government.


I think, a simple rule of thumb could be: “If you live comfortably with 1/3rd of your Average Monthly Fiverr income and have 3 times as corpus money, you can consider making Fiverr fulltime”. Of course, YMMV :slight_smile:

Good question. I also live just from freelancing sites but I also sell somewhere else flyers and for orders (service providers) I do in fiverr.
I don’t like to have just one source income so I would recommend to start to do other freelancing in different sites too. Last month in fiverr was very bad for me, this month is a little bit better but since I have other shops It didn’t affected my living.
From all my freelancing sites included fiverr to my monthly earnings are around 3k $.