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Do you need a professional logo?


GraphicDesigner: :slight_smile:


I’d recommend putting some effort into this post.

Mention what you provide, how you provide it and proof of what you can provide.

People want to see professionalism and efficiency before they click links and pay you money.


Hi Cornishseo,
Yes i perfectly understand what you think, but for my personal experience and for what i see, people don’t pay attention to all those post that are so long. The title above i think that is clearly, speed, and if you follow the link you can see directly ALL my gigs and not only one.


I disagree.

You need to SELL yourself, not expect everyone to do it for you.


I prefer to synthesize rather than dilate the text.
The essential is written in my profile for those who want, I want to leave the choice to people to decide. I DO NOT want to deceive them in any way. Being clear and simple for me means being honest


Alright i honour your drive and passion for success.

I’m just giving you some tips, you don’t need to write an article!

Even if you only included a sample of your work in the form of an image.


Clear and detailed aren’t mutually exclusive.


Can you elaborate further i am struggling to understand your statement in context.


The OP did not ask for help as the category is My Fiverr Gigs.

Improve My Gig is the category if help is being sought.


You can be clear, even simple, without being verbose.


I would have hired you if I saw your post earlier…But I will make use of your service soon


Don t worry, you are welcome. When you want and naturally when you can. Have a nice day :slight_smile:


It’s not easy to find the perfect balance between a complete description and a short clean one. I thought as well that my music demos alone could bring customers, but the real thing is that you need to convince them as well with words. Demos + correct words will convert leads to customers. Of course you need to say the truth about your skills. Simply, don’t hide skills or abilities you have. It’s not being humble. You need to explain all you can do, so the customer really know you are a real professional.


I’m totally agree with you :slight_smile: