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Do you need all stats in 100% to achieve next level?

Hi Fiverr,

Can anyone tell me that do we need to have all stats in 100% other than completing the other requirements?
I have completed the requirements for level 1. But my stats are not 100%.
My ratings go on 4.9 & completion rate is 96%.

Do these two need to be 5 stars and 100% to achieve Level 1?

Thank you.


This is normal. You need to stop thinking that it’s 5-Star or nothing… Not everyone gives a 5-Star review. Some people are extremely honest in the way that they leave feedback, and might feel that in a particular area, you deserved a 4 instead. We’ve had plenty of 4.3s and 4.7s, along with comments that say the client loved our work. It’s normal.

This is called ‘feedback manipulation’, and if any of your buyers discuss this with Customer Support, you’ll receive an official warning for it. If you’ve done it more than once, you could lose your account. Buyers are entitled to leave whatever review they like, and your first reaction to getting a less than 5-Star review (in your case, a 4.7!) should not be to contact them to ask why. I know it’s tempting - but some buyers will feel that you’re pressuring them. I know I would!

Take the review. Leave a polite and professional response in the appropriate section of the review page. Move on.

I don’t buy this. People claim that this happens, yet we’ve never, ever had it. This sounds like the kind of thing a buyer who feels ‘backed into a corner’ would say, when confronted by a Seller. I read your reviews - they were excellent, and I think the scores were intentional.

If you continue down this path, you could wind up losing more than just a seller level. 4.3s, 4.7s are EXCELLENT reviews. Look, even a 3 star is still considered ‘good’. Stop chasing something that really doesn’t matter, especially when the consequences of doing so could be losing your account!


Well prepare to get banned by Fiverr.

Do you know why Fiverr doesn’t allow this? Because it’s manipulative and harassment. You’re pressuring the buyer.

Read the ToS again. You’re supposed to understand them.

Stop thinking you get a free pass to harass buyers about the reviews they leave you. Ethics should tell you that is wrong.


Why do you assume that your two 4.3 feedback ratings must be mistakes?

Have you considered that your buyers deliberately left a lower rating because they weren’t fully satisfied with the service you provided?

You’ll probably find that your two buyers (not one buyer, but two buyers) who left you 4.3 intended to do so. I suggest that you are struggling to accept this possibility as you believe that everything you did was 100% perfect. Your buyers disagree.

Good sellers accept such feedback graciously and want to learn from the experience. They look for what can be improved. Bad sellers fight and challenge and say “I’m perfect” and “how dare people question me”.

Of course feedback should not be changed. Feedback should be an honest reflection of the buyer’s experience. They shouldn’t be bullied or coerced into changing it by sellers with a sense of entitlement.

The ‘better solution’ (as you put it) is you understanding where you went wrong with your two orders and learning from them.

Don’t blame others for losing a seller level.


They also occasionally mistakenly click on 1* and the end result is pretty hillarious. You wake up one day to a glowing review and your brain doesn’t even immediately register that it has 1* next to it and not 5*.

The system used to be more flexible. Due to systematic abuse (I’m assuming), it’s not anymore.

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Agreed with you on this.

I find it interesting that I have well over 1000 reviews and this has never been an issue even one time let alone :arrow_down:

I agree with @english_voice in that :arrow_down:

Perhaps your buyer meant to leave the score they did, but when you brazenly confronted them they told you they didn’t. :thinking:

At any rate if a seller asked me why I gave them such and such of a rating I would block them and never order from them again! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I have to agree with @vickiespencer on this one.
I did 1000+ orders on fiverr an never had any “mistaken” negative reviews.

There was one totally ridiculous where I got 1 star because “vector files are pixelated” (people who work in design category knows how ridiculous it is).
But review is a review. I didn’t even think that it’s so unfair and I have to tell a client that their review is unjust and that fiverr CS should remove it :woman_shrugging:

Clients might’ve just tell you that it happened by mistake instead of trying to explain to you why they did it after you pressured them with your question.


Thank you everyone for your feedback.
I am somewhat new to Fiverr and thought that the buyers feedbacks were mistaken.
Thank you again for your advices.