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Do you need an explainer video?

Hello guys, I would like to advertise my 2d explainer gig. I use the vyond software. Here are my links

I would be more than happy if you all will patronize my service.

Vyond charges a $99 rights transfer fee for each video third-party resale. You’re only charging $10. I’m reporting this.


Truth is that I forgot to remove it. If I wrote the 99 dollars, how many customers on fiverr would actually pay for the transfer right. Don’t get me wrong, it’s the right thing to do, but truthfully, how many people actually click that button?

Hey there bro, it is not a matter of who usually does what. It is a matter of legality and compliance, there are no "If"s and "But"s.

All the best to you!

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Alright, I’m changing it. Thank you for the correction @patrickcharlie and @humanissocial

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Smart choice for sure:)
Also, do consider that not all customers are looking for the lowest prices, any company that needs work done will rather pay more to be sure to get great quality :wink:

Best of luck my friend!!

Patrick C.

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If people wouldn’t pay for it then you don’t sell it. You don’t get a free pass to sell something without a license for any reason. The company doesn’t owe you anything.

Thank you. The whole point of using licensing material is to profit from it, not just break even. If you can’t even do that, then don’t bother. I considered using Vyond, too, but opted not to partly for this reason. Explainers are a super crowded market here, so even if you engage people who would pay that kind of money, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll get a sale. Especially if others’ storytelling and English is far superior.

I don’t understand this idea so many sellers have that it’s okay to resell without the license because it’s hard to even break even on it. Companies don’t owe them unlicensed profit from their product and there is zero point in licensed products if you can’t profit from it. So many sellers think that breaking even on the resale and just profiting from the work is the goal. It isn’t. That’s very poor business and a guarantee of a poor wage.


thank you for the advise

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