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Do you need Change user name option on fiverr? Why? [ARCHIVED]


i want to know that Why Many users want a option to change their user names?
are you looking for it too? why you want to do so?
many buyer remember seller with their user name. if you will change user name how the buyer judge that who is how. share your opinions please.


I’d say most of the users who want a change, intentionally want to distance themselves from something unsavory or mistakes they made. If their name recognition was a good thing, they’d have no reason to change it. :slight_smile:


I’ve seen some sellers here on the forum wanting to change their username because of low ratings on their work. I don’t think allowing users to change their username is a good idea though simply because some clever user could find a way to benefit from it, use it to their advantage and cause trouble to other more honest users.


Changing user name is not a good idea. Changing their skills to a high level is a good idea.


Can’t you sign out from your “low rating account”, sign up with another e-mail and new user name? I ask this on a technical side. It might be against TOS.


I wouldn’t want to change my username. I like it - matches who I am. :slight_smile:


@miroslavglavic On a technical side, you might be able to do that although it would be not just against ToS but can get you banned on both/all accounts. It is a really foolish thing for anyone to try. Even if you don’t get caught immediately, it would really be awful to end up down the line with some good reviews and get your accounts banned.

It is much smarter to just have your account closed if you want to do that. Fiverr will usually give you permission to start over with a new account. Some people might need to do it because of making big mistakes and needing a fresh start. Others might open an account with a silly or bad-sounding username and when they realize it, they want to start with a better business name. As long as they have permission and have closed all other accounts, it’s no problem.


Why re-open this topic from 2015? I’m a bit confused about that.


I have an account name that I like :slight_smile:


My suggestion is not changing their username because tons of your buyers only find you from your username so i will not gonna change username.


Fully agreed. fiverr user name is recognition on fiverr and old buyer only can find if they will see sellers name and if the seller changed the name it will difficult for theme to find him again.


I want to change it to better reflect my services. When I signed up, I had no idea your username stuck or it needed to be inline with my services.