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Do you need get more orders?

I Joined fiverr since 2012 and get so many experiences. You can ask me, I will help you if I can.
Some sellers don’t know why they have no buyer requests?. And I have some tips:

  1. Please online fiverr about 1 hour per day or more. You online status is very important!!
  2. When you get any message try to reply very quickly and reply all messages you received
  3. Create video for you gig!
  4. See gig’ stats - IMPRESSIONS, CLICKS, VIEWS, ORDERS… (/manage_gigs) and try to change gig descriptions, gig title… to get search engine optimization.
  5. deliver as soon as possible.
  6. Support as soon as possible after the Job done (if buyers request)!
  7. Reply all reviews (positive reviews & negative reviews).
  8. Promote your gigs to social networks (facebook, twitter…) as more as you can!!!

Please ask me anything!

P/s: I have 3 gigs can helps you:

=> Put your logo and message on a airplane - It’s so fun for website, facebook…

=> You can use this gig to create a nice adv photo to post to social networks, It is so FUN

=> You can use this gig to create your intro gig’s video


It’s very good :clap::clap:


Thank you, do you have any question for me?


Thank you for your information.


Hello Brother @goodworker123
I have a question, one of my GIG showing best seller but I didn’t get order any more. What’s the reason?


One thing I have noticed, in buyer request I offer that GIG most of the time. Is that the reason? And how can I used that best seller GIG?

Don’t mind I asked several questions.


Thank’s for your informative post. I will try for my gig.


goodworker123 for your information


The label “Best seller” is just “The gig is the best seller of your gigs”, It was created by fiverr’s algorithms… And It is not a guarantee to get more orders!, To get more order… you need:

  1. Make the order quality to be better
  2. Share it to social networks.
  3. Always response to buyer requests as soon as possible.

Good luck to you!


If my gig are in rank 1st page. If I change my gig description or gig image … are it effect my gig rank.?

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i think you almost help us… is there is something else :thinking:

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I think gig image is ok, but gig description can effect your gig rank. if you need change description, plz just change only a few words…
and when you create the new gig, plz think about the title carefully… because when you change the tilte after the gig published, the url can not be changed!!! and it’s not good for SEO.


Thanks for you valuable information

How to bring more impression and view.

  • IMPRESSIONS: These are impressions from Fiverr, or the number of times your Gig appeared in the thumbnails (i.e., on the homepage, category/subcategory page, search, and user page).
  • VIEWS: These are total page views, or the number of page views on the actual Gig page.

How to get more?? It depends your gig’s activities, your gig’s quality… if your gig is good enough and
also has many related activities, the view and impression will be increased.



Thanks so much for taking out time to leave such a valuable lesson.

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How should one write an effective proposal to buyer request section ?

If you’re responding to a buyer request, you need to make your response specific to that particular buyer, and their particular needs.

Wao! great mine of information.

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Thank you @zahid0406