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Do you need help with your Gig Introduction videos?

Hi fellow Fiverrs,

I thought I’d make my video editing skills available to you. I’ve been making and editing my own videos since about 2006! (At first they were just simple slideshow-like videos, and later I started making live on-camera videos.) Since I am not a native English speaker I edit my videos ALL THE TIME, so I’ve become really good at it! :slight_smile:

I’ve just added two video gigs to my arsenal here on Fiverr - one is focused on video editing and applying animated text and video effects, and the other one - on making video commercials. (Both are very similar, just use whichever is closer to what you actually need.)

Check them out and give me a try if you need a short Gig Introduction video for promoting your own Fiverr gigs!

I look forward to helping you with your project!