Do you need professional ADWORDS Setup?


Hi my name is Fakhri Ashour and I’m a Google Adwords Certified freelancer
(http://■■■■■■/2im6ZoA) I’ve been working with adwords for over 5 years, i worked with multiple agencies and managed many clients accounts.

Here’s what you will get for Adwords & facebook campaigns setup:

  • Full campaign setup A-Z

  • conversion tracking

  • Market & Keywords Analysis

  • Professional A/B testing and optimization

  • Detailed targeting to maximize revenue and lower costs

  • Landing Page/site analysis

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Create Ads strategy with objective-Keyword research (up to 25 keywords)

  • Create Negative keyword list

  • Writing Adverts (up to 5 ad copies)

  • Quality score analysis-Install campaign and testing & improvements.

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