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Do you need some photoshop? I can do it on a mediocre level

I will do any photoshop you want for 5 dollars.

@levicorlew good design GIG carry on hope your success

Haha, I appreciate the honesty, goodluck!

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Do you need some photoshop? I can do it on a mediocre level

I suggest you modify the title of your post. Offering to do a service on a “mediocre level” is not a good advertisement.


Mediocre means of average quality or not very good.

Suggest you remove or edit that sentence from your heading as buyers often read the forum posts and this will certainly put them off.


Why would you say your work is mediocre? Who would want to pay for mediocre work? This is a deterrent, not a selling point.


Relax Fiverr’s, I think(hope) he’s using humor to differentiate himself from the crowd.

no offence but I think humor won’t give any sales cause Fiverr is all about skills not Humor

I would argue humor works, but for Fiverr SEO is probably more important considering his market. Also, his word choice isn’t the best I’ll agree with that much.

Could have titled: “I can photoshop and edit better than (insert funny category here)”

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