Do you need to physically sell your art?


I’m a total newbie. Can you just get paid to do art by someone and send it to them digitally? Or do you need to make the art, print it, and deliver it to their address? Sorry if I’m totally off base. Thanks!


Usually designers send it digitally. Things like that are easily done over the internet.


As we are living in the digital world. Yah it’s possible. I have some friends who worked as a graphic designer. they can do it for you and I can assist too. inbox me to discuss further. Thanks


Most of the time, it is expected to be sent digitally. However, in some cases, you can add a physical copy as an extra and send it in the mail if the buyer wants it that way.


Why would anyone even think of sending anything in the mail they can send on the internet? This is 2017. We use the internet to send pictures now.


Gigs that Require Shipping.

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Well because it’s nice to have the original work, if it’s hand drawn traditionally, for example.


I agree with you, specially If It was hand drawn