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Do You Notice Fall in Orders on Weekends?

Have you noticed fall in orders this weekend ?

Well, I’m new on Fiverr and I got about 10 orders in the first four days of the passed week (Mon-Thu) and got only two orders in the remaining three days of the week (Friday-Sunday) :open_mouth: .Have you noticed this ?

Well, my category is ‘writing’.

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Yes, I’m on the same boat. I get a lot of orders on the ‘Working’ days, and then the rate of orders falls dramatically on weekends. I believe it is due to the official working days of the people, as most of the people are active on their working days :slight_smile:

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Yes, I used to have a lot of orders everyday of the week (1 month ago), but now I can see a drastic drop in sales on the weekends.

Is Fiverr losing traffic? Are they promoting the business as usual? Maybe, but I see a lot of Top Rated Sellers and Power Sellers with less and less orders in queue than usual.


It’s probably because most of the sales are from the United States… majorly English-speaking (the origin of American English… lol). Most businesses are closed on the weekends. But a business day excludes Sunday, which could mean some people could get no orders on the weekends and some people could get some orders.

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Weekends always see a dip in orders. Most buyers who use Fiverr for professional services are on their weekend break

I am the exact opposite. During the weekdays I maybe get one or two orders a day. But, on Friday & Saturday everyone seems to load me up. For the past few weekends I could count on being busy with Fiverr orders.