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Do you offer Bonuses to Your Buyers?

Do you offer Bonuses to Your Buyers?

What sort of Bonuses do you offer?

What do you think works best?

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Giving surprise BONUS always works best and i end up getting more sales or an awesome review :slight_smile: And sometimes Coffee as well :smiley:

Yes i do provide, and what i provide is depends on my mood :slight_smile:

I usually include some GIG EXTRAS as bonus for buyer or one free gig on second purchase etc.

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Great idea anarchofighter, more targeted bonuses. Currently I guess mine is a noisy lollie scramble to be honest haha

I often set up gigs so that there are bonuses. It’s a case by case basis. Because a bonus that is of no immediate use to a buyer is just noise.

All my bonuses are various information products that enhance what they ordered from me.

Now coffee, I’ve never had anyone send coffee all the way to me in New Zealand, that would be great!

I offer a gig extra where buyers can get 3 images for the price of $10 - instead of $15, which works alright.

Reply to @creativeman: That is a Virtual Coffee listed in my GIGs lol

I often do simply because the gig they requested won’t do justice to the project they want, so I add extra and I politely tell them where I went all out, and I give them two version, this way they get something extra and they know next time to get the gig extras.

Great ideas everyone, I guess bonuses are the way to go, I’ve recently spruced mine up from an ugly text document to hyperlinked pdf with pictures. What do you guys think about buyers opting in to autoresponders for offering future discounts etc. Has anyone of you tried offering that?

creativeman said: What do you guys think about buyers opting in to autoresponders for offering future discounts etc. Has anyone of you tried offering that?

That would involve getting in touch with them outside of Fiverr. That is against the rules and would probably lead to anybody offering that to lose their acccount.

Good point ryangillam.

I’ve given something like 50% off your next order. Mostly for repeat buyers or those who have bulk projects.

Reply to @andrea777: Excellent idea andrea777, always reward loyalty =)

Offering bonuses is a great idea, but I think not all gigs are good for bonuses. I am still new at this, but I offer an extra bonus to my first 10 buyers. Hope to get some initial push up with this :slight_smile:

I don’t ‘offer’ a bonus, but do include a bonus when I deliver as a way of saying thank you for the opportunity to be of service. I reward repeat buyers with incentives/bonuses. However, it’s all back-end, post purchase.

I include a bonus with all orders as part of the whole “under promise and over deliver” thing.

Everyone likes a positive expected surprise I guess.

I most certainly do! I make sure to always include a little surprise.

Every one of my orders comes with a small surprise - usually some sort of product advertising, a graphic or the like. I’ve even given twenty dollars off on a bulk order. My customers are always delighted.