Do you offer your services only on fiverr?


Do you offer your freelancing services on Fiverr only, or do you offer them on other freelancing sites? (Don’t need to mention wich, just yes or no).

I do offer mine on a couple of other pages, but I am focused mostly on my business here on fiverr.


70% is Fiverr…
I’ve used to have a Logo creation Gig, but for me here is not possible… I do Logos somewhere else though


Yes, I focus on here, Fiverr only


Same as me. I offer services for the gigs that I couldn’t compete with here on fiverr.


Exactly :wink:


Juuussst Fiverrrrr :relieved:


No. I always schedule the Fiverr gigs in between the orders I get directly via my business. I’m in the fortunate situation that I get approached and don’t go after clients in any way.


Yes, I do :slight_smile:
I am good here.


90% on Fiverr* 10% in other reputed marketplaces :slight_smile:


Only Fiverr for me as well!


I am thinking on closing my other accounts on the other platforms.

I am almost top rated on one of them but it’s hard to play on two battlefronts.


99% on fiverrrrrrrr. <3


No, I’m everywhere.
I have a voiceover and video markting company off-fiverr.
I offer different services on fiverr than I’d offer in the non-fiverr marketplaces.

I get a fair amount of work on Fiverr and it’s the only freelance site I work on, on a daily basis, but this is my business 6 days a week, a LOT of hours a day. :grinning:


Me too , only fiverr


Yeah! I’m amateur in freelancing world.
Started with Fiverr and want to stick with Fiverr :wink:


I focused on Fiverr though have other too . As a student and as part time freelancer I am happy with fiverr .
I think fiverr is the best sites for doing something with integrity, honesty and Supportive.


yes. I working only here.


100% Fiverr for me! I don’t need anything else.


Same as @michael78781 Fiverr only :slight_smile: