Do you promote your gig on Facebook,Twitter or etc?


To promote the gig on Social Media platform, it really works or doesn’t? Because I have been promoting my Gig on Facebook (Fiverr groups), Twitter, Google and Linked In but I don’t find useful so far or maybe there are a lot of reason could be but I don’t know. By promoting the gig on social media platform don’t think you will be able to grab the order so you should find another way to promote the gig before your targeted audience.
If you think, I am saying wrong then give your valuable tips and I hope, I will retrieve my mistake.
Thanks and cheers.!!


If this way of promoting your gigs give you some clicks and views, it’s not so bad. You may not get orders, but bigger amount of views boost your gig higher in ranks.


Yes, It will helps. And you must add lots of followers and friends


Yes it helps. I had observed in the gig analytics graph that whenever my social gig views increases, my impressions increases as well. So, to conclude - Fiverr gives you a boost for promoting them. :wink:


Thanks, sir but I have been working from the last one year so what do you think?so far I got 9 orders which are so low so let me know your thought in this regard.


Thanks and I will. :blush:


Ya let you know one thing that in my opinion impression, views and clicks don’t matter and I know my sounds like a jerk but it’s true because I have been watching from the last one year since I joined.See I do see every day my gig and sometimes it shows, Impression 158, Clicks,25, Views 89 but order 0 and sometimes its ups and downs so when I have been getting a good impression, clicks and views then why I don’t get any customer?Please help me out to give your valuable tips in this regard .


If you think you already know the answer then why are you asking it?


The way I see it is, the more it is out there the more chance people will see it.


Sir,don’t get angry and I just wanna get good vibes from you so that I could also make my image as like you


I just tryied to share my gigs in Facebook, hope it works!

  1. Don’t use the word “we” when you are only one.
  2. Write a proper keyword rich description, currently your description doesn’t focus any keywords.
  3. Use some good GiG images, If I am the buyer, I won’t click the gig with the image of a person.
  4. Make some other gigs, some of your gigs are easy to do and can be done by anyone without any experience.
  5. Submitting a link 60 times in a single account in 24 hours is nothing else but spamming. Buyers won’t prefer it.
  6. Increase the word count on your article gig.
  7. Check for grammatical errors and typos, there are a lot in your gig descriptions.
  8. After google Panda update, people don’t prefer irreverent backlinks.


Thank you so much and I came to know why I am not getting the too much order as another get.Really, I don’t have a word to convey my gratitude.I am gonna change evrything what you have told.!!


Hello @sagarshaw,

Twitter has been working well for me so far.

You might try adding hastags to your post maybe it will help.


Facebook promotion works for me.Aside from an increase in impression, it also gives me more exposure that promotes sales!


I think that as many links back to your Fiverr profile and gigs as possible will help you to gain a presence on the internet. A single tweet won’t change your world but a series of coordinated tweets will make sure that your message gets out there.


Thank you so much, sir Actually I have been finding the way that "how to promote my service on twitter but I am unable to get so far. Can you help me to give me some article or anything else so that I can get some fruitful idea in this regard? Please tell me
Thanks and cheers


yes, i m promoting gig on facebook and twitter, but not single response from there… wast of time only