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Do you promote your Gigs?


I have been here for a couple of months. I have sold some gigs but I feel need of promoting my Gigs. I have done some investigations. I have created a Facebook page yesterday and started advertising a little.
I am curious to know if you promote your gigs and if yes, how. Does anyone use Facebook and Twitter Ads?


I don’t promote my gigs because they used to get traffic on their own from people searching within Fiverr, but that has since dropped off so I’ll probably start thinking of something to do.


Any thought how you are going to do that?


Does Fiverr offer paid ads? Curious to know…


I’m new here and completed 3 orders in around a month. What I do is target a microniche and make sure to do better Fiverr seo to make it on first page of search results. I’ll tell you much after I see convincing results.


What is your target category?


Gujarati translation. There aren’t much Gujarati freelancers here.


That explains it. Good luck with your next sales, bro.


How have you been able to do that. I am curious to know.


It’s simple. Chose services which are not available on Fiverr or offered by very few sellers. Make sure to make your gig description and stuff good and you’ll appear on first page.


since 2016 i usually didn’t promote my gig but now i promote using facebook sponsor post 20$ per month because my impression going all down with fiverr i’m not satisfied with fiverr search result system

but i cannot guaranteed this. you can give it a shot


gammu, have you created a fan page and then boost your post? or how?


Yes you can make page and boost i think social media traffic is one of the best way to promote your gigs


I am experimenting by boosting Facebook a page and posts 100 likes on 3 posts but no activity on Gigs yet. I will keep on promotion for a month. Did it help for you Gammu, Have a look on my gigs if you have a minute.


You can also promote your gig through Twitter and Google+. I promote their time to time and it may increase your views and clicks.


Yeah, you can boost the post on facbook ads . i did once but i think did not get a good result :slight_smile: