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Do you promote yourself a lot outside Fiverr?



As the title states: I’m wondering whether you promote yourself outside Fiverr.

I myself have tried instagram but I haven’t got the hang of it (yet)
Using Instagram is an art on it’s own I guess…

I was also wondering whether you guys have your own website or not…
You can offer your services there too (it has it’s advantages and disadvantages)
It could also be used to show what you can do I guess.

Thank you!

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I have my own website which I use to promote myself outside of Fiverr.

I love Fiverr’s platform for managing orders and bringing new business, but I see no real reason to take people onto the platform for Fiverr to take a 20% cut when I could have worked with them directly.

I think the 20% fee is very fair in exchange for the service Fiverr provides, particularly bringing in new clients (since I don’t have to advertise to get them) but any efforts I make outside of the platform to find new clients are so that they work with me directly, otherwise I’d be voluntarily handing over 20% of my earnings from them for no reason.

It’s a very good idea to have your own website to be able to solicit and work with clients directly, independent of Fiverr or any other freelance sites you also work on!


I don’t promote myself outside of Fiverr. Although I think it can be quite useful especially if you’re a beginner. By promoting yourself outside of Fiverr you get to build a clientele that also knows you from other platforms.


I can see the use of having a website of your own but I see some bumbs in the road too…
Like how do you manage the fees?
Do you use Paypal? Or do you use a real bookkeeping program?
And you have to lure people to you website…


Hey someone from Amsterdam! Hoe is het? :grinning: Well… anyway back to the topic

Your gig is very succesfull! Has the amount of orders allways been the same?
How did people find your gig?


Hi, there fellow Dutchie! Het gaat goed :slight_smile:

I actually just came back from a hiatus since I just became a father. I had to reactivate my account and all my gigs are gone so I’m starting anew.

I contacted all my old buyers and told them I’m back at it again and so far that got me 2 orders just today. So hopefully that will get me back to level 2 again soon. My stats are horrible at the moment… My average response time is something like 536 hours which is quite insane.

At one point I had to limit the number of orders in the queue as I couldn’t handle the workload and things got messed up. Now it’s a bit more saturated as more people found out about Fiverr so it’s not the same as before anymore. But I can’t complain :slight_smile:


Those are all great points, and everybody’s situation is different.

I do use a free bookkeeping program, but perhaps the time spent on accounting is something that you benefit from having everything only on Fiverr, so you may prefer to use only Fiverr and promote it off of the site. Nothing wrong with that!

All depends on your goals and situation. What I do as a full-time freelancer may not be ideal for somebody who does freelancing part-time or wants to spend more time working for clients and less time on accounting, etc.

And yes, luring people to the site is one big benefit of Fiverr since they bring people to you!


Congratulations! Short nights ahead!

Very nice to have two new orders!
It could be an idea to contact old buyers. I don’t think that will work for me though because I haven’t had that many orders yet… It would probably annoy them a bit…


Hm… I think promoting oneself is really hard…

It’s also about how to spend your time I think. I have been thinking about building a website for a while now. But that takes time too…

Thanks for your answers!