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Do you read long descriptions ? or feel bored and leave?

hey buyers !!

do you like gigs with long descriptions?? or do you feel bored and leave ??

Well, I think the answer to that is: it depends on the person. Everyone’s different, and just as important, everyone’s grasp of English is different.

If you’re asking because you want to know how to write up your gigs, I have a suggestion. If you read the forums, you’ll find that sometimes buyers can be difficult, sometimes creating problems for the seller. And sometimes you must file a report and involve customer support to help you deal with the situation. You want to make sure that however you describe your gig, whether brief or long, you can show your buyer (and also CS, if need be) that you clearly wrote what you would do and wouldn’t do. If you write “100% satisfaction guaranteed”, that means a buyer can ask for modifications forever, as long as he says he’s not satisfied. So you need to write something like, “$5 includes up to 3 modifications within 7 days of delivery” (or whatever). Clear. Plain. If the buyer didn’t bother to read it, not your fault. It’s there for all to see, and CS is more likely to back you up in case of a dispute.

thank you guys for those answers :slight_smile:

Fiverr gig description is like an ad. It should be catchy, simple and short. But depending on the service one provides, description may change and important points about the service like what is excluded, what seller doesn’t do need to be added. Though description may look boring if it is lengthy, buyer gets an clear idea about what to expect from the seller. And once the buyer knows seller better, it won’t be necessary to read all the description for further orders.