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Do you really need a Website Designer?

I’ll explain this to you very shortly.

Website Designer (a.k.a UI Designer) is not someone who only design you an aesthetically beautiful website for online presence, Website Designer is like an engineer, who makes sure that it solves the problem too. Good design may attract eyes but great design solves the problem.

Your user will not care that much about the aesthetic if the design is not user-friendly. Imagine you got an App designed by a designer, now if the button for signup is too small to tap user will get frustrated and will leave your app immediately and search for a better alternative. Now, imagine designer designed a website which sells book, now if user visited your website who is, unfortunately, color blind, and want to search for a specific book, but your designer colorfully designed search bar which your user will completely ignore, he’ll definitely get frustrated looking up for search bar and at worst will leave your site to never come back. What a waste of time and money! :frowning:

Great designer think about all your users and they don’t over think. Overthinking means thinking about the users who are not even your user, for instance, if you have a website which sells the car, then it is useless to think about users who are disabled to drive. If you hire a designer who over think your issue then that will be a waste of your time and money in absolutely nothing.

So designer plays a very important rule behind a successful business, especially if your business completely relies on website or app. The programmer can build you a website but they can’t design you a user-friendly website.

That’s it for now, will share more tips in future if my post gets good attention.

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Thank you for making time to read. Really grateful for that :slight_smile: