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Do you really want ppl to buy your gig?

Well if you have a nice site or even a nice gig … you’ll need a good blog to enhance your looks and your gig so the people would have the “Trust Factor” to buy from you … you can add your blog as a pdf file in your gig and also have a “screen shot” for your blog in your 3 pictures cell. And that should really boost your sales … enjoy Fiverring

Good advice everybody shold buy a blog or make one … it does give yor gig credibility. … good post :slight_smile:

You’re right about that

I think a good blog would also show how good you really are in whatever you do

I’m trying to buy a blog from you but it keeps directing me to another page !!!


Thank you

I’ll send you an internal email on your box and let’s take it from there… thank you very much in advance

Thank you all … and don’t forget to Enjoy your Fiverring …

absolutely right … Enjoy Fiverring