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Do you really wasted opportunity might not be repeated


Came to me yesterday a message on essay writing service
I asked curve for 2 days and sent her a sample requested by the
He said it is urgent for the large number of offers made to him
Full explained my circumstances that prevent me from the oldest sample in less than 1 days , Since I explained what it did not send me …

Is it a mistake due to clarify the circumstances that prevent me not to reduce the duration of the 1 days? I feel remorse about this :frowning:

Is what I’ve done is right or wrong?


I can’t understand your question, honestly. I’m not trying to be mean, but to help guide you before it is too late. If you are offering essays in English I suggest that you find something else to sell. You will need some study time to become fluent in conversational English and then more to write academic English. Good luck.


I think the meaning is. The seller received a message to provide an essay writing service. The seller told the buyer that the job can be complete in 2 days and then provided a sample of the previous work done. The buyer said the job was urgent and wanted a faster turn around. The seller explained that the turn around couldn’t be 1 day. Since then the buyer hasn’t communicated.


If you mean the seller wanted the job done in 1 day but you could only do it in 2 days, then there is no right or wrong. You’re competing with others. If you wanted the work you should have found a way to do it in 1 day. If you couldn’t do it in 1 day then you need to wait for a job that can be done in 2 days.