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Do you receive a second penalty if the order is very late?

Hey guys

As you know, if an order is late, you get penalized for not delivering on time. If you don’t deliver in 24 hours, the order becomes very late. I have a large order (placed without my consent due to the issue with gig multiples also presented on the forum), and I wanted to know if you actually get penalized again if the order is very late. The person said it’s ok to deliver whenever it’s ready, however I am not sure if I get penalized again. So the order won’t be canceled, but the customer didn’t accept the extension yet. So… do very late orders lower the delivered on time statistic even more?


To my experience, ‘very late order’ is just another stage of late, in which the buyer is able to cancel it on their own.
So, it is counted just once, right after your order is marked as late.

I assumed so too, but you know how it is, it never hurts to ask for another opinion. I’ve been here for 6 years and never had to deal with many very late orders, but writers in particular tend to have problems due to gig multiples… Thank you for your reply.

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Contact the fiver resolution center and let them know your issue. They might able to help you pass this situation.

Heshan Withana

The fact that the buyer can cancel the order unilaterally at this point would be enough for me to avoid this situation at all costs. If they have agreed if the ‘late’ delivery then make it official and make sure they accept your extension. Personally I wouldn’t resume work until they accepted the extension.


Go to the resolution centre on the order page and extend the delivery time.


I am not trying to find solutions to extend the order, the customer is away and he won’t answer.

My question was if I get penalized again if the order is very late…

If the order was late then he has the option to cancel, and he will probably mention it in a review.

Jake… This is a return client. The issue is that he is away, I can’t do anything to stop the order being very late. By the time he’s back, the order will be delivered. However, as I already said, what I am asking is whether I will be penalized with a late delivery or not if the order is very late. It’s already late.