Do you received your first tip?


Please share your first tip Experience here!


I did not :(( …did you??


I did! I was surprised and happy since I just started on Fiverr about 3 weeks ago. A Buyer contacted my Living Will Template gig to write a 1,000 word blog post about the importance of a Living Will. It was not what the gig advertised but I was ok with that. She was impressed and asked if I did other jobs such as copy-editing and proofreading (I did, but I erased the gig because there is soooo much competition in that section!). She then ordered $40 worth of gigs and emailed her e-book (only 40 pgs). She gave me a $5 tip. I was really glad to not only get a repeat buyer, but to get a fairly large order, and a tip, all within my first week. Business has been steady but not overwhelming so I am happy thus far (about 1 order every day or so) . I am trying to figure out how to best market my gigs now and gain more customers.