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Do you recommend me delete Gigs or not?

I have a gig with 4.4 stars (I did an experiment with this gig, I put it at 5 and got a 0% professional client , he make me 12 revisions and left a negative comment - 5 service)
It has affected me too much, I don’t know whether to delete it, what do you think?
Also I have another Gig with 11 reviews, but I received a cancellation from a person who gave me 5 stars, even gave me $5 extra (I never knew why, I just received the notification), this is my first Gig and It was in wrong category, I realized it and changed it, now I hardly get any impressions in my Gigs , what do you recommend? I would appreciate your opinion.


Even if you delete the gig your review will still be there.

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Vickie is right. Even if you delete the Gig that you received a less than stellar review on - your OVERALL star average will be the same.

All you can do is improve your service to new clients you may gain in the future to get your star average back up.

I hope that when you say “delete the Gig” you do not mean delete your account and start a new one. That is a no no and can get you banned, as you are only allowed one account. Only way you could close an account (seller) and begin anew is to get permission from Fiverr, and have a good reason for it.


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Yes I only mean the Gig not the account, Thank you very much for your comment

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I know, but I can occupy the space of that Gig by creating a new one, would you recommend it?

You could delete the gig and make a new one and then at least you would not have a gig on your profile that has a poor review average.

Yes that’s what I want to do, but I don’t know how recommendable it is

You are the boss of your business. You can decide. Eventually the poor review will be hidden by new reviews.

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Thanks :slight_smile: