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"Do you record voice overs?"

this is in relation to your gig: ‘I will record a professional voice over

Anybody else have a poor response time (by fiverr’s standards) because of people messaging you this baloney while you’re sleeping?

Also love to wake up to 3 or 4 new messages from 8 hours ago that just say “hi”

ANYWAY it’s almost the weekend! That doesn’t mean anything to me since I record 7 days a week but it’s something people say!



I tend to block people who simply write ‘hi’ (I block after sending a very short message).

In my experience people who write ‘hi’ are going to be trouble. They are either lazy or can’t express themselves - either way working with them will likely prove frustrating if not troublesome.

As for response times, it’s a global market and we all need sleep and downtime. I don’t get stressed about response times - I respond when I can, and always within 24 hours.

Happy weekend.


I’d be tempted to reply: “No” and see where it goes.

90% chance of the person saying: “Okay” and disappearing. 10% of them going: “This is not what your profile says!” This is how you’ll know they actually can read and just need a friend to talk to in the middle of the night.

PS I got 3 very fun projects recently from a person who opened with: “Can you help?!” Just swallowed my annoyance, spent 30 minutes trying to get any more information and then all of it just magically worked out in the end. But the initial stage was like pulling teeth.


I think some people also want to see how quickly you reply, as if that will be some sort of demonstration of your willingness to please? I get a lot of “hi - are you there?” too.

Me neither. Last year with all that was going on, I actually got so stressed about my fiverr workload that I had to talk about it to my therapist and we spent a couple weeks working on it. I’ve not been as bothered by stats and nasty clients since. great stuff :slight_smile:

OMG. I think I’ll do this next time haha!

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I don’t have low response time despite that all my buyers are from USA and I come from France, so yes, I receive messages when I wake up, luckly my average response time is around 1 hour.
About people messaging just to say “hi”, yes it’s weird when people usually write a clear message in which one they talk about their projects, I just answer hello, I don’t really know to deal with it but I admit that it makes me trust problems…


I don’t understand what’s their problem, so ok, we’re all from different countries and different areas in the world but i’m pretty sure that in every countries of the world, we start a request by “Hello”.
When someone DM me for the first time with just a “hi”, or starting request by “so I want you to do this, this and this”.

My favorite was “So, I want a video editor for long term, you will have to edit 4 videos a week for us, you will join our discord and be a part of our community to make active content”

I really want to reply:

1-We say hello
2-I am often overbooked and can do 1 video a week due to thousand demands
3-I am independant, I don’t belong you and to any community for playing video games… (wtf)
4-It’s forbiden to contact out of fiverr
5-I sometimes close my account 1 week due to health problems