Do you refer other sellers in your category?


So tonight, I referred two of the buyers who messaged me for a quote. In one instance, my cost was too high and in the other, I felt that the style of VO they wanted was not really what I do best. I do know several sellers who would be perfect for each project and I referred the buyers to them. I have a small list of other VO artists that I refer to when it seems appropriate. Do you refer to competitors? I find that most often the buyer appreciates pointing them in the right direction.


I had some other cold callers linked in my Quick Replies, but they all went on permanent vacation mode and the buyers would come back to me asking for different referrals. So I quit referring people.

Probably there isn’t as much burnout/turnover in the VO work as there is in cold calling. Just guessing.


Possibly. These are all folks that I know will be stable and turn out a good product. I’d hate to see them just pick at random and not get exactly what they want. Occasionally, I have had to say “sorry, I don’t know anyone who can do that.”


I haven’t recommended my competitors as I don’t know their quality. If I recommend someone then I feel like my name or reputation is on the line as well.

Although I have recommended writers and logo designers because I’ve bought their services and I know they will do a great job. I even have a couple of writers I use regularly to tackle some of my projects.


I do it all the time. Sometimes I am lucky to be able to recommend people I’ve worked with since I’ve needed work done in the writing categories on topics where I don’t have fast expertise and research time. That has given me a short list of people that I feel comfortable recommending and sometimes offer something I can’t offer or at a time I’m not available.

I also have another list of people that my “Fiverr friends” on the forum have used and recommended. I’ve sometimes given that whole list out to a buyer that is seeking something in my category that I can’t do and I don’t know who would be ideal. I’ve had buyers come back and thank me, one even tipped me for the referral. I’m really for the success of everyone in my categories since I figure if Fiverr is strong overall, it brings better clients for all of us.


I recommended someone to a psychic once since I don’t do that and they wanted one. A short time later they came back and said the psychic told them the person they love is permanently gone and won’t come back to them so they wanted a refund of the spell they got from me.:roll_eyes: