Do you refer other sellers?


I have been receiving some requests from buyers to provide services that I do not offer or am not comfortable in providing. Do you any of you redirect buyers to other Fiverr sellers? If so, how have you built these relationships?


I have done this. It is pretty simple to build business relationships with other sellers here and the forum is good for that too, but the right seller is just a matter or remaining on the website for a few months then you will know the sellers to work with.



@aurorar, I see most of your gigs involve writing. I’ve been asked for similar things that I don’t do, or am too busy. Look over my gigs and if you get any SEO oriented requests send them my way, and if I get employment related ones I’ll do the same.


I haven’t referred people to anybody. I would if I could! But I generally don’t get that sort of request :frowning: I know people have referred me to others though, and for that I am very grateful!


Yes I do. I am part of a freelance group on facebook where each member has a different specialty. They refer tarot buyers and erotica requests to me while I refer everything else (literally ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF) to them. It’s wonderful. It’s one of the reasons I was able to even break 30 sales in 2 weeks.


Reply to @yourreviewer: I have received a few SEO requests, I will be sure to forwars any future ones to you! Thanks!


Yeah, I do it all the time. Ranging from certain video’s that they need made or hand animations as well as voice overs.

If i am in a good mood, I even check the request box section and answer them by recommending some Fiverr seller to them.


What I do is I look at the people who have saved my gig in their collections, I send them a thank you for doing that and I also tell them I will refer them to people who need things done that I can’t do but they can.


When I have a request that I can’t manage, I look for someone I have worked with successfully and make the link by both messaging the Buyer and the possible Seller. I regularly go through the green request box to see if there is something that I can handle, and often point “requesters” to Sellers I have dealt with. =;


I’d love to partner up with other SEO/Graphic sellers, and refer buyers to them, in exchange for referrals that need backlinks. If anyone is interested, hit me up.