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Do you remind buyer's to buy again


Please help me out you experienced sellers.
How do you get in touch with your recent buyers. Did you talk to them after some days they have purchased your gig. Telling them to buy again


Definitely not by spamming them. It would be awesome if we could do that, but I think Fiverr does not allow it.


How, is that considered a spam and restricted!


Yes it is, and if you did it, you could have your account closed.


Absolutely do not do that. People have their accounts restricted for doing that. If someone reports you for that you can receive a warning or restriction. Buyers do not like to get spam from sellers.


I pay attention to what they’ve previously purchased from me and whatever projects they have going. If and when I see they have a need I can fill, I pitch to them, tailoring my offer accordingly and reminding them of the benefits they got from my previous work for them. I never, ever pitch generically and I usually offer a discount or free extras.

In the pitch, I am clear about what value they will get from working for me, including if it will save them time and money. You always want a buyer to see a return on the investment in hiring you. Use analytical data to back this up wherever possible and frame your work as a solution to a problem, not as a frill or a nice-to-have.


I think Fiverr should discreetly set up a well written and friendly reminder that sellers can send to their past clients at a given period of time to interval. Don’t you think so! As we do this to offline client and sometimes it works. They might just say " yeah that’s reminds me I have a project because want you to do for me" and you just get a job


That is called spamming and can get your account restricted.


That is called spamming and can get your account restricted.

If you send a message to a previous buyer about again purchasing your service, that is spamming and can get your account restricted. No ifs ands or buts.


A tailored pitch isn’t spam. I do this very sparingly and, like I said, only if there is a specific need that I can fill and, from my past history with this client, I know it’s something they would want and we have a strong relationship.

If this was spam, the custom gig function would have little purpose, except if someone contacts you pre-order and wants something special.

If I was generically asking people to buy my gig, that would be spam, yes.


@humanissocial What you are doing is sending previous buyers spam and can get your account restricted.


That’s exactly what it’s there for. :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t send a custom gig offer unless the buyer messages you or it is spam and can get your account restricted. How many times do I have to tell you?

Only send that if they message you first.


No it’s not there to send previous buyers spam. It’s there IF someone first messages you.


That’s what I meant. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s the only reason it’s there.


I and most other long term users on fiverr routinely report sellers who spam them and they have their accounts removed.


Thanks, I knew that’s what you meant.


Message received, Crystal. Have a good day.


No, but you can send them a thank you after an order has been fulfilled. Let them know you enjoyed working on their project and you’re here should they need anything else from you.


Let us cooperate with Fiverr. Am sure they have a good reason for their rule. Thanks for your comments