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Do you request a positive review?


Hi guys, after done the job, do you request a positive review or you just leave it until he’s done?


Do not, I repeat, do not request a positive review from your buyer!

It is against the rules and will put your account in jeopardy!

You can request your buyer to leave a review, but do not request them to leave a positive review.

Buyers are allowed to leave whatever rating they see fit, either negative or positive, and explicitly asking for a positive one can lead to so many problems, the buyers may feel forced by you to leave a positive “or else”, and it’s an overall feedback manipulation scheme that can lead to your account’s suspension.


EDIT: For everyone else comming here: Moderator confirmed that it is against the rules:

Hey Woofy31,
Could you please show me where it says that you are not allowed to ask for a positive review? Maybe that was like that in the past but I did not find anything about that here:


Ask CS if you doubt it - they’ll tell you exactly the same :wink:


You can’t directly ask for giving positive review. but you can make them happy at the final stage of delivery. so, hopefully you got their valuable review


I do not want to contact the customer service if I am already certain that it is not against the rules. You are here since 2010. Maybe that was a rule back then but it is not today.


I saw recently on the forum how CS told someone in a ticket that asking for positive review or asking for specific number of stars was not allowed.

You can do that at your own risk, but don’t say I haven’t warned you about this rule :slight_smile: As far as I know, this rule hasn’t changed, and is also an ethical rule in my opinion :wink:

In the meantime I’ll ask CS about this myself if you don’t want to, hopefully they’ll shed some light in to this matter :wink:


Did remind once or twice to give review, but never requested a positive review.


Requesting a positive review is seen as review manipulation and not allowed by CS.
If a buyer feels pressured to leave a review then they may contact CS and they will likely take action against the seller.


Okay thanks :smiley:
Why isn’t it stated in the terms of service? Or am I overlooking something?


When I complete my order I always request that the buyer completes that order if they are happy and say that a review is always appreciated but I don’t specify what type of review.


It doesnt specifically state it regarding positive reviews but it has been said to be covered by the part about review manipulation. It used to be allowed and I remember requesting positive reviews in the past but to be honest, I have not seen any difference in the percentage of those who do review since I stopped doing it - it’s consistently 60-70% of sales for me.


you are right
don’t force a buyer for positive review.
I agree with you


never do it bro
its risky


@fabianma Here you go, fresh from CS:

26 PM

Hope that settles it :wink:


Oh right, and we are supposed to believe that you asked the right question?
How do we know you didnt ask if it was ok to message people about feet just so you could get a negative reply and “win” the discussion?

PS. This is a joke, I’d trust Woofy with my life


Thank you everyone! I have been wondering on this matter. I think its better not to break the rules.


During my time here I’ve tried various review-hinting methods. Don’t worry, nothing direct that asks for a positive one. My latest on is 'If you happy with the recording, feel free to accept and review the order, otherwise let me know of any questions. …still sitting at a 65% review rate.

It’s kind of unfair because in categories where you get watermarked, the buyer literally has to accept the order so they can get the finished file. With audio deliveries, they can just download and never return. We’ve lost plenty of reviews because of this i’m sure.


well. i dont ask for nothing! just focus on work and make client happy! they will leave a nice 5 star feedback for sure! I bet, asking a positive reviews for 1st time with a new buyers, sometimes make a bad impression! these days buyers are forced to give a 5 star. thats not appreciated! but if you are new seller , i understand how important it is, and you can always find a better way to request for a nice review! just be clever on that


Better approach may be is to remain in contact with the client throughout the course of the project, and once you are about to finish the proect, you may send them a final draft before final delivery.
This way if they want any alteration they would let you know in time and finally you two are going to have a happy ending. I have been doing so ever since I joined fiverr, and there was only a single client who did not respond after placement of the order, and the result is you know what, I got 3.5 stars even I ensured that quality work is delivered to her.

So, always take the buyer in confidence, and I am sure you are going to get what you deserve.