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Do you reward good buyers?


I do. Those who read instructions, contact me first, provide clear details information on the web design they want get preferential treatment. I communicate with them more and send updates on progress.

Bad buyers, don’t contact me first although it says to in my gig, those who are rude get sh*t.



Reply to @kim_talented Every buyer is a good buyer! Reward them all, and make sure they know they’ve been rewarded.


i don’t reward my buyers, because i will redo my work from the initial stage when they say “oh sorry sir, i want to change a statement in that.Can you please change that”. In order to maintain by rating i’ll calm myself.


I’d like to think that my gigs are reward in and of themselves. However, buyers I really enjoy working with I often share little perks, tips, or even refer to my other fiverr friends and network to get other stuff done.


I reward every buyer! I recently had a buyer who bought a gig off me, gave me a poor script and asked me to make a video. I fell sick and I told him I’ll offer him another gig free to give me an extended deadline.

I made a 4 minute video through after effects and other stuff spending hours on it. He said he wanted something different, I gave him a total new as per what he wanted and then he said he wants more. I am still working on his gig right now.

Customer satisfaction is my key :slight_smile:


I think you have to at least persevere with buyers who are rude, impatient, and unreasonably demanding. Thus far I’ve managed to cope with even the most intolerable ones!

I think you have to find a balance between firstly being even more polite if possible, but secondly and most importantly of all - be assertive, without risking sounding rude and impatient yourself, as the chances are that such a buyer can outplay you at that game. I think they’ll often pick up on that and may make a move to be more accommodating.

Also, if anything it’s important to update and communicate with those difficult sellers MORE often. You need to try and keep them engaged and ensure that they can see your effort, even if they might never be satisfied - because ultimately you don’t want to end up in that nightmare situation where they leave you a negative. It’s not worth it :stuck_out_tongue:

And of course, as much as possible let your work speak for itself.


I go above and beyond with my clients making sure they get something extra in their delivered package