Do you say anything to get reviews?


When I first started on Fiverr, at the end of every delivery, I would write something like:

P.S. Please let me know if I can do anything further for you before you leave a review.

Then I began saying something like:

P.S. I recently reached 3,700 reviews thanks to great buyers like you. I would appreciate it if you could take a moment to leave some honest feedback. Please get in touch if I can do anything further for you!

I recently edited my quick response and now I don’t use anything.

  • Do any of you sellers use a reminder like this?
  • If you’re a buyer, do you find it annoying? Does it affect whether you leave a review, or the number of stars you leave?

EDIT: Like everyone has said, and like we all know, delivering quality is what really counts. I think these can be friendly reminders, though, especially for buyers who don’t always realize the importance of reviews and feedback for sellers :slight_smile:


Actually, I was having the same doubt as you.
Sometimes I think it’s better for the buyer to decide on writing something. I think personal reviews say more about my work than the custom “Outstanding experience”. But I would like more buyers to review my work…

Oh, and as a reply to your question… I don’t usually say a thing and let my buyers review if they want to. I rather a personal review, that is my main reason.


“What do you say to get reviews?”

Nothing. If buyers want to rate me, they will; if not, they won’t.


To get a review you start from the fist contact with the client treating him/her with all respect and consideration, then you do a great job, then you finish with more love…and never ask for reviews…that was my experience…


That’s the standpoint I have taken recently :slight_smile: I used the line when first getting started, but service definitely is the main driving force behind great reviews.


I’ve had great success with variations of the following at the end of my delivery message:

“I’m always working toward 5 star quality, and looking forward to your feedback.”

Ratings are very helpful, since it influences how Fiverr shows your gig in the searches, and it provides social proof that you’re a safe choice for a buyer (as your total builds…)

Results: 1600+ ratings over the last 12 months (70%). YMMV.


Awesome! That’s pretty much what I was using, and then suddenly (after two years) I got worried that maybe it was unheard of and buyers thought it may be “pushy”.

I might add something like that to my writing gig since it doesn’t have many reviews :slight_smile:


As a seller i never mentioned anything about reviews to clients.

As a buyer when a seller asks for a review i cant help but wonder why, is it due to lack of confidence in their own work, what did i miss. Just raises too many questions so usually i skip reviewing and pick another seller for the next gig.


I don’t say anything, I do something… “Deliver quality work”


Happy that works for you and we totally agree on that.

Note that I say “I’m looking forward to their feedback.” I leave it on a positive note.

That said, you are leaving money on the table if you don’t get as many reviews as practical. It’s about how we do it.

I’m dedicated to doing a first class job. That’s the primary, but being among the best at doing something doesn’t guarantee success in life. Others have to know you’re darned good too.

If you’re great, having more reviews is a win for both you and the buyers.

Your social proof (higher review numbers) makes it easier to buy from you when they are selecting among a set of choices. All things being equal (never is), it’s a decent tie breaker and can provide an additional reason for a buyer to look closer at your gigs. Why do you have XXX ratings, and the other seller has XX?

In my mind, “Delivering quality work” is the minimum and expected. Then we want to leverage that and be sure it’s showcased too.

There’s lots of noise in an open marketplace. Ratings can make your gig more attractive to more people.


Side note:

If someone makes a comment on this board, do any of you also go out and see how their gigs are doing? How many reviews they have?

If someone makes a comment and I find it very insightful, or they make a comment that doesn’t make sense to me, I often go and check out their gig.

If someone says “I never/always do XYZ…” I want to have some idea if their point of view is due to theory, prior life experience, and/or they have the experience to back it up on Fiverr (if appropriate).

Someone with low reviews CAN be more experienced, because of their “before Fiverr” life experience… so that is just one factor…

Is it just me?


Exactly :smile: It’s a given that doing excellent work comes first.


I’ve tried both approaches. Initially, I mentioned my desire for great reviews if they were okay and their pointing out corrections when they were not satisfied (the latter part has always been a part of my delivery message). At a point, due to the overriding opinion in the forum, I decided to remove that part from my delivery message. The result was stunning, my review rate dropped from over 80% to below 70%. I just included it in my delivery message once again, a few weeks back, and now my delivery rate is improving again.

This time, though, I have used a less “pushy” message: “If you are okay with it, a review will be appreciated.” This does not say I need a 5* review, but it impresses upon the buyer the importance of a review to me. Do they still think is pushy? I doubt they’ll leave reviews if they thought so. Of course, a “Great Delivery” is a must to begin!

I think I’ll leave it there for now.


I think it’s not “pushy” as long as the message doesn’t include a suggestion for a 5-star review. I always said “honest feedback is appreciated” and took it as an opportunity to offer further assistance if they needed something more.


Good work = reviews.


Well said, like everyone else :smile:


I’m in agreement with you all the way, till the point of “further assistance.” I have a feeling it gives room for requesting extra work. I prefer to begin by letting them know I have no problems making corrections wherever they may need them. Maybe it’s all just academic, anyway.


Very nice.
“Looking forward to your feedback” doesn’t sound pushy but just right.
Thanks for that suggestion


I am new here, many things I have not known here.
One of them is about review.

I did not say anything when the order was finished.
I just say (Thanks for order). :slight_smile:


I haven’t even thought of adding a review reminder. I might consider it after this but I don’t think I’m doing bad without one. 84% of my buyers have left a review.