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Do you see any buyer request?


hello everyone,
i’m a seller in graphic design field. but nowadays i can’t see any buyer requests in my field. what about your experience about this problem ?
thank you

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This is not a problem. This is how Fiverr is designed. Sellers won’t see many buyer requests until they are promoted to a Level 1 seller. You are currently ranked as a “New Seller” – i.e., you have no seller level. This means that until you are promoted to the rank of Level 1 seller, you won’t see many buyer requests.

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Until you become Level 1, the buyer requests are shown to you for a limited time after that they disappears. So you need to refresh the page often to see at what time the requests are shown. Also there is no fixed time but the time the requests are shown is close. For example, if you can see requests today at 12:00 pm maybe the next day you might see the requests between 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on the basis that buyers have actually submitted any requests.


Ok. So Level 1 have access to many buyer requests and are available for longer than new sellers? Also sometimes buyer requests sent do not relate to what I do.

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If buyers don’t have any options to select levels when submitting a request, the numbers of requests shown are probably the same for all the levels.

Unlike no levels, the request stays on the page until you remove the requests.

They fall in the same category as your gig!! You need to find the requests that you can do and send offers.


Thanks for the clarification.


thank you for inform me about this things :smiley:

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thank you for inform :smiley:


thank you for this inform :smiley:


Get some sales and make gigs in different categories of your expertise… After some sales and level-1 you will start seeing more BRs… As new seller you have to stay active and keep seeing BRs…

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Level 1 sellers can normally see more requests just because they don’t disappear as quickly. Level 1 sellers can sometimes/often see requests dated up to 30 days old (very occasionally more if a request has been added again). So yes, level 1 sellers might see many whereas level 0 see very few.

For level 0, requests may disappear as soon as around 10 level 0 sellers have sent offers to them.

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than you for your information :smiley: