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Do You See What I See?


No… I’m not talking about ghosts. :wink:

So, after submitting a query to Customer Support. The handling of my ticket was superb by the way. Kudos to Support! Shortly, thereafter I received a survey. Can you spot what’s out of the ordinary with the provided screenshots? I don’t know if this was mentioned in the past, but it’s too early to go digging. :smile: I sent them a note about it but if you’re up for the challenge. Chime in below!

Wait… There’s more.

If you successfully, notice the faux pas… I’ll create another masterpiece for…







What on Earth is This?

Anything else you would like to tell us is new to me


The rate your seller bit?


Boom, boom, boom :boom:


@frank_d you have good eyes. :wink:

The Masterpiece is coming up later today! :grinning:


I’m a motion designer so attention to detail is a must. :blush:

Can you say "new review system "?



This has been out since end of last year.

Nika I hope you didn’t rate yourself ZERO on the seller bit… :wink:


All 10s across the board! :sunglasses:

Oh @frank_d Yes, indeed! I thought it was odd! :slight_smile:


I have never seen it! Wait I also never open any emails I get to rate them. Maybe that’s why.


That was my second though, DJ, that besides the seller bit being in the wrong survey, the default on the other sections is 5 (neutral) but the default on the seller section is 0 (not good.)



I’ve seen the rate your seller bit before. The “anything else” section is definitely new.


Update: Support wrote back, I was told the Tech team is working on resolving the issue at hand.