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Do you see when an offer has expired?

When you send an offer to a buyer request, does it disappear from your sent offers once the buyer has accepted another offer, or in anyway indicate that the offer has expired? Not that it changes much, but it would be nice to know whether the buyers have already accepted someone else’s offer, so I don’t overwhelm myself or wait and hope. Thanks!

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No it doesn’t disappear from your sent offers when a buyer has accepted an offer. They might accept multiple offers and make multiple orders.

An offer can be withdrawn/paused by the buyer and then get removed from the active list. For a level 0 seller it can be removed from the active list when enough level 0 sellers have applied to it. An offer will automatically get paused after 30 days so it’s very rare that you’d see one > 30 days old (a buyer could re-submit the offer I think).

Even if they accept someone else’s offer they might sometimes choose another seller’s offer later.
The only way you could check is by looking at their profile/reviews to see if they’ve made a review for what they were asking, but that would would only be after the delivery, not straight after the acceptance of the offer.


Oh okay, that makes sense. Thanks so much for the response; it’s nice to have helpful people while I’m still learning the system.

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