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Do you sellers REALLY complete jobs in 24 hours?

How is it possible to satisfy buyer requests in say 24 hours or less if you (the seller) have a ton of requests your inbox?

I know the time to complete a request starts when you click on it from your Manage Sales window.

But, don’t buyers get antsy when they have to wait in a queue to get their “24 hour request” done in 24 hours?

Since, I’m new on fiverr, I’m just trying to understand how buyers view these “promises” to complete a job in 24 hours.

Only stupid people miss their deadlines, simple as that. If you check Fiverr as soon as you wake up and again as soon as you come home from work, you’ll never miss a deadline. I have a friend who doesn’t take Fiverr as seriously as I do, he wrote me this:

"i cant believe this sh-t. i had a few people cancel my orders for book reviews. Now, I dont get any book review orders at all. F-CKK!!! One person was pissed off, because I delivered the gig 2 hours late and another person, wanted a longer in depth review. Its f-word bs. I need more money now!"

Is he a trucker working 14-hour days? No. Was he flying or sick or had no access to a computer? No. He’s stupid, he doesn’t respect his buyers, he thinks it’s OK to be late just because it’s “just $5.” I told him it’s more than $5, it’s $50, $500, $1,000, etc. Fiverr has the multiplier effect of Capitalism where happy customers lead to more happy customers and greater sales. Of course, if you miss deadlines then the opposite happens, and you become like a restaurant with lousy food which means only the most desperate want your business.

But some people refuse to understand that. Now his ratings have dropped to 93%. And it makes me so angry, because he’s screwing his buyers, and screwing himself. Fiverr can be a wonderful place when you respect it. You can work in your underwear, there are no bosses, no rules, no need for an MBA a resume or any credentials. We all start with zero reviews and buyers give us a chance knowing they can ask for a refund if they don’t like the work. So for me to meet people that miss their deadlines is simply shocking, unless you were in the hospital, don’t miss your deadlines. You’re better off delivering nothing and telling your buyer why you’re late or canceling an order than missing a deadline.

I provide all my documents to buyers within 1-2 hours :slight_smile:

Response time is key in this business.

Once you agreed to complete it within 24 hours… You must have to deliver it with in it.

If a seller is serious on fiverr…want to increase their sales… he will deliver it on time.

If a seller is late…He is screwed… b-(

It sounds like everybody agrees that you must deliver on time.

But if you can’t:

  • either explain that you’ll be late with the reason for doing so or
  • agree with the buyer to cancel amicably

    The only problem with canceling or being late is that your fiverr rating will be affected. And if you have a lot of gigs in your inbox, you’ll go mad. Hmm.

    Thanks all

Completing a job within a 24hr period is doable especially if you’re good at dishing out work at the speed of sound. Read a post from a seller that went above and beyond what was requested including revisions and do-overs for a client within a 24hr period. When I first started, I discovered that I would get more interests in my gigs if I set the DL at 1day.

I don’t do this any more because things do come up on my end that will prevent me from getting things done in a timely manner.

Reply to @fastcopywriter:

I completely agree. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I would not be able to guarantee a 24 hour delivery as there are too many factors involved that are out of my control.

And, the beauty of it is that, if you can’t complete gigs in 24 hours, you have the power to change that to something that fits your time limitations. You can either add days to your completion time, or remove your “I’ll do this in just one day” gig extra.

It is better to adjust things to your work abilities, and keep your future customers happy (and knowing that you can keep your terms in the gig itself), than to repeatedly complete work after the deadline has expired, and earn a negative reputation.