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Do you speak to your pets as if they're humans as well?

Hi there,

My name’s Raluca Rotaru. I am a 27 year old Graphic Designer from the land of Transylvania. Well actually, I’m from Brasov, Romania, but saying I’m from Transylvania seems to get more attention usually, so I’ll go with that. :smiley:

As the title already says, I like to speak to my pet cat Luna, like I would to a person and while I like to believe that she understands what I say, I would definitely lose my s%^t if she ever answered back. She knows too much to be allowed to speak.

I love travelling, meeting new people and learning about their cultures and countries. I believe we are lucky to be alive in a time period where it is possible to discover the world and its beauty. My mom always says I have a gypsy soul, cause I get restless when I spend too much time in the same place. I absolutely love reading, psychology, languages, cooking, bright colors, and obviously designing and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to fuel my gypsy soul by freelancing my way through life.

I am always excited to learn new things, listen to people talk about what they love and see their joy, when I give their dreams the graphical representation they were looking for.

Can’t wait to meet, learn from and work with as many of you as I can ! :smiley:



Hey there Ralu’ - welcome to Fiverr! Better yet, welcome to the Forum, the place to chat, have great memorable fun, get the latest good & bad news, or just lurk / spy if you will :sweat_smile:

I’m from Romania myself, have studied in Brasov, too, and I wish I had stayed there, but sometimes life forces you to take another path :confused:

Anyhow, going past the peculiarity of speaking with you in English, I’ll answer the question you’ve asked in your thread title: YES! And I dare say that literally everyone speak at least once in their lifetime with their pet(s) :smiley:

It’s in our nature to personify anything that isn’t human, be it an object or a pet, but mostly pets. We live with them like they are our family, they actually become our family at one point in time, so it’s natural to treat them as such and talk to them like they are fellow humans (I bet they love it, too - think about it: if you’d be a pet, wouldn’t you like your ‘human pets’ to treat you as if you’re human, too?)

If you’re still not convinced, my username should tell the rest of the story :slight_smile: :dog2:

P.S. I’ve decided to answer to your introduction post, which I rarely do, because this isn’t just another ordinary introduction - this was different than the rest, and I love ‘different’! :grin:

Dogs can be vampires, too, especially Transylvanian dogs :eyes: Just kidding y’all :sweat_smile:


I even sing in my dogs face as if we were in a musical. Her surprised facial expression is priceless.
Also dancing and moonwalking around her is one of the usual routines. :joy::joy::joy:


Hi Woofy? :joy:

I’ve actually gotten past the weirdness of speaking English to my Romanian friends, when I moved to Vienna for my studies and our group started having international members. It just seems natural now. :smiley:

Anyhow, I am actually looking to leave Brasov and Romania after having been home for the past year and having lived in Vienna and traveled around the world for 7 years. I do not feel at home, I do not feel in alignment with the mentality and what is going on and I feel like my path is taking me in another direction. If you don’t mind me asking, what made you leave? It’s totally cool if you don’t want to answer, though.

But yeah, you totally have a point about pets loving the human talk. I bet they “animal talk” with us as well, we just don’t realize it, haha.

Thanks for taking the time to answer! ^^


But the important question is, does she sing back? :joy:

That would be cute!
I heard her howl one time and she probably barked 10 times since 2010.
It’s quite a silent dog.

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I have ultra-real dreams occasionally in which my Chihuahua does speak in a deep demonic Yorkshire accent. I can’t look at him after waking up sometimes.

As for talking to pets, yes. As far as I’m concerned, my wee man is the most interesting person to have a conversation with. - Apart from my friends kid who will suddenly announce when we’re walking: “Look! A Robot Heart!” - And proceed to pick up a rusty old bolt.

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Of course! :dog:

I’m new too, Welcome!

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You weren’t had by a dodgy breeder were you, Mario?

I mean, the smaller they are, the scarier they can be sometimes, right? :joy: And the little kid sounds lovable and I don’t say that often about kids nowadays.

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Then welcome to you, too! :smiley:

Well, I didn’t leave Romania, just Brasov, and that was because of family issues :confused:

I never thought of it like that :rofl: Great point! I’ll keep that in mind for my future dog talks :sweat_smile:

I see you’re already liking this place, so once again Welcome :confetti_ball:

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Ah yes, the good old family issues. Well, I am sorry you had to go through such things and I hope you are doing better now.

Even if I’m yet to have my first gig, I feel like this is a nice and welcoming community and I’m happy to be a part of it. :smiley:

Enjoy your future dog talks! :joy:

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I’ve a :dog2: named Luna and a :cat2: named Nina xD

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@spades3 I do have a pet cat named Luna too! :smiley: and I love her cause she’s my daughter. I also talk to her as if she was a person too (even though she’s deft) I fell like she does know all of my secrets and deepests “sins”.

By the way I love your vibes and I hope we can get in touch sometime, you seem like a very interesting person to talk to.

Omagash, they are adorable! Did they get along from the start or did you have to get them used to each other? I’m considering adopting a stray, but I don’t know how Luna would react to a new member, cause she’s a spoiled only child. :joy:

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Hey! I’ll forever consider Luna my firstborn as well, so I totally understand. :joy:

And thank you very much for the lovely compliment! You can always PM me or something. I’m not even sure if this forum has a PM option, but yeah, if it doesn’t, I’m on Instagram as @rralu3 (hope I’m allowed to share that info >_>).

In my case they are both female, and the dog is 2 years older, and she accepted very well the cat since it was a little cat (but not a baby, 1~2 months), It was found abandonned, so I kept it. And the dog looked to the cat as she was the mother, they play along too. Initially we need to be present with both so the dog understand its all ok. And we can caress both. We need to be calm too and not worried, orelse those feelings can be felled by our animals too. But please be aware that we can’t put together when they’re babys (at least they should have 1 month) orelse they can kill the babys. I already saw that happening, no one knew if it was jealousy or if it was worried about the babys, and ofc the way a dog take cares a baby dog is not the same as taking care of a cat, the skin is more fragile etc, so yeah they can do warm without wanting I beleive. The same for a cat taking care of a little baby dog, so not put together when they’re baby its a good safe golden rule.

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Thanks for all the awesome advice! I will definitely keep all of this in mind when I get to the point where I can adopt another little fur-baby. :smiley: