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Do You Still Have the Ability to Block Buyers?

I’ve just noticed that there is no longer an option to block past buyers on their profile. Is it just me?

I hope that this is just temporary, as since this feature was introduced, I have been able to maintain a much higher order completion rate. In fact, I think the last time I was at 100% was just as St Levels was starting.

Anyone else?


Yes, just report their profile and select other, and type “I don’t want any order from this buyer”.
I have done this a couple of times, with no issues at all.


No, not just you. I’ve had it for a short while, I’d made use of it one time, but it’s gone for me since weeks, or even months, I guess. Just the report option remains, like it was before.

Recently, I wanted to block someone, but not report them (there was no reason or need to report them but I’d liked to have blocked them), so I couldn’t.

Regarding ammarshrf’s tip, that doesn’t work in my case. My report function is bugged. “Other” only briefly flashes a custom field for typing the reason for a nanosecond, and then it’s gone.

I can still see the option .


This is probably a previous buyer, who ordered from you.
For new buyers, you cannot see this option, only the report option. (which also blocks them)

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Recently I wanted to block a buyer, who was lecturing me about my prices. So, in order to block them, I reported them and typed (“No reason to report, I just want to block them from buying; because my prices are too high for them”).


Yes this buyer had ordered me .

I thought he wanted to know about the past buyers .

And really this is a good idea …

Thanks for sharing this … :grinning:

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I still have the report button. In this case, I could do it this way. Previously, though, I had a block button beside this where it was easy to select the reason for blocking.

Same here. This makes me avoid using this feature, as it could look like I’m maliciously reporting users.

Nope. It used to be like this, but now new and past buyer profiles only show the report button, (There is no ability to block whether I have or haven’t worked with them previously.

I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that buyers I have blocked already can’t now return from the dead…


Maybe, but now, you can only block new/old buyers via the report button :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah but see, the issue is that I can’t choose other and specify, and I don’t want to report people for reasons that don’t apply.
The “reporting” itself is wrong there already, that’s the thing, and that was the actual innovation, the blocking option. As can be seen, some people still have both “Report” and “Block” option showing next to each other, so it’s definitely intended to be two different things/use cases.


I do not agree with you :slightly_smiling_face:
The reasons that you think apply, is the reasons you report them for. Then it is up to the relevant team to decide what to do. For instance, I had a good reason to report a buyer “lecturing me about my prices”, I do not care if they get a warning or not, but they got reported and blocked for this inappropriate behavior!


Well, it depends on the specific case and perspective. With a block option at my disposal, I can easily and without “bad conscience” block people I don’t want to talk or work with, for any reason including reasons that are not report-worthy.

Reporting IMO should be reserved as the “emergency lane” (buyer is abusive, asks for things against ToS, illegal things, etc.) leading directly and quickly to someone to review them.
Blocking just means I want to be rid of them, but they aren’t doing anything grave and other sellers may be fine working with them, there’s no real need to review them, or at least not urgently.

But I get your POV too.

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I think if the buyer is also a seller or was a seller at some point that only the ‘report’ button shows, however I could be wrong.