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Do you Test your skills?

Is there anybody who tested their skill on "Test your skills, earn more trust " ? i want to know the experience of having the skill test .

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It’s basically a skill check on your desired software (that relates to your gig), you’ll get graded out of 10 and your ranking upon others. Although, you should be careful when taking the test, if you leave the test window too many times, they will end the test and those usually end with not-so-good results.

You can do the test twice 3 months, with an interval between 2 of 24 hours.

I do believe it helps you attract more customers so, just do it!

You asked in your title, “Do you test your skills?” – My skills were already developed and tested in college. I have a degree that declares that I passed. Since I already offer a high level of skill and professional in my gigs, and my reviews reflect this, I don’t see any need to test my abilities just to prove what I am already offering to my clients. :wink:

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The more the merrier isn’t what they always say, either way you should just do it since it makes your profile prettier anyway.

I don’t need a “pretty profile”. My “profile” is just fine the way it is. :wink:

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