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Do you think 10 offers are useful to get orders?

There is 10 offers only we have to send for buyer requests. newly or level 1 or level 2 sellers have only 10 offers. Is that enough to get orders? i send 600+ offers. but still no order with them. Please we make discussion about that. Please comment to share your idea…

No, 10 offers a day is very low.
I think the number should increase with the level of seller.

Also, maybe specific number of offers per gig category… not sure.

But 10 offers is ridiculous.
I hope fiverr admins do something about it.

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yes i agree…

I think 10 is plenty if you use them wisely and only answer requests that match things you can do very well. If your gig or Custom Offer is very well written you should be getting some work from 10 a day. If you don’t get a job once in 20-30 tries and you are getting messages or orders from main search - something is wrong.

Go back to basics then and re-write your profile and descriptions to explain how the buyer will benefit. Write in good English and if there is the slightest doubt, hire another Fiverr seller to look over your writing. Make sure your gig images are excellent and your own work - don’t take the work of others! Make sure your profile pic is not a stock photo. Then, try again.

I think 10 is enough too. I also think it would be a bad idea to increase the number for higher levels.

Lets calculate something,

10 buyer requests
we send 10 offers to them
1 request receive 30 request
All 300 requests

so we have only 3% to get a order…

Fiverr always think and share ideas to earn money… But As I know they never increase No of offers…

If they give 15 or 20 offers to Level 1,
25 or 30 for level 2 that is good…

I don’t know about top sellers…

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It all depends if you’re utilising your offers wisely. From a single day’s offers I’ve had at most 5 people hire me so far, 50%. It all depends what you write to them

When we use mobile app we can’t type anything with offer(If you can that tell me )…We can not send personal message… Fiverr disable that… :((

Reply to @idesigngraphic: This. ^ When I sent a request, I got only like 2/31 I could even consider. Usually, the offers were empty/ unrelated to my request. If you take a couple of minutes to actually write what you can do in a nice way, you’re much more likely to get hired.

Reply to @idesigngraphic: Do you send custom offers or your gigs with a personalized message?

Reply to @advertiser_seo: if I have a gig which is for what they want I send that write a little personalised message and same with the custom offer. Doesn’t need to be long just needs to show you’ve considered what they’ve said and responded accordingly :slight_smile: