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Do you think fiverr cares more about buyer than seller?

Hi Everybody,

I was eager to post this topic in fiverr… just waiting for the official fiverr forum too… :wink: But now am happy to see that fiverr forum is available… Thanks to admin!!!

While, I was a great seller specially in Photoshop, I found out many buyers who cheat sellers a lot( I guess you figure out how they cheat)… And fiverr supports only buyers and sellers are out of concept… They like happy buyers… But what about sellers??? If buyers don’t like your products you have to refund whatever may be the case!!! Then what about the time spent by the sellers in producing the stuffs??? Don’t they worth anything??? Once I got angry and scold a buyer and immediately within 1 minute, my rating was removed from 2nd Level Seller to nothing!!! Wow amazing!!! They won’t see my happy clients and their feedbacks, but they see only 1 complain about me and take immediate action! Really amazing!!! Next, I complain about the issue to the support and all I got was a reply saying they will see what they can do… afterwards, I got nothing in response… So what is this all about??? Are we seller worth nothing to the fiverr community??? Don’t we own any right in fiverr community???

Please throw your suggestions in here… You are most welcome in this topic…



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Reply to @oldbittygrandma: That is a great quote, we tend to focus on the small insignificant blemish than the big picture. That is how we should all approach the buyers with difficulties

Reply to @oldbittygrandma:

That fits perfectly, fiverr should borrow that.

In my opinion they care for both parties. But i think they can do a lot more for sellers! Hope they think about it and fix some things like the feedback system :slight_smile:

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This business like any other business survives by having sales we as sellers we create the opportunity for profits the buyer on the other hand controls if we keep those profits or not. I have been in sales many years and the one thing I know is you don’t reward your sales team with a negative reaction like removing their ranking without a so much as a consideration for all the effort it took you to get to that level. There needs to be a balance of good business sense and fairness to those who labor on one’s behalf while keeping in mind that the buyer is never 100% right.


I agree that I think they care more about the buyers than the sellers. I had one buyer that took the information I provided, then said “I already knew that stuff, give me a refund”. That is a dirty trick as far as I am concerned so I would not give him a refund. Well, he complained to Fiverr and they gave him the refund without even asking my side of the issue. That is wrong as far as I am concerned. Positive reviews give you a little boost, but one negative one really hurts your ratings. Seems uneven to me.

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Reply to @sk8tavou: One thing is the post is placing emotion into the equation, this is a business and the powers that be will run it as a business and what benefits THEM, not the seller nor the buyer, there is no emotion in the fiverr platform

Reply to @beatcraigslist: That’s exactly I felt many times: “This is not what I mean?” and “That’s not my idea” or “I too can do that kind of things…” blah blah blah… So irritating…

Fiverr support system always refund the amount back to the buyer without even discussing with the seller… they won’t listen to the seller(never provide any chance to prove) huh…

I have already question the support system why that happens and in return I got reply as “This is how fiverr works, the priority is the buyer! Buyer should be happy, you manage how the buyer should be happy else you need to refund” wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww great… isn’t it???

Besides they even remove my 2nd Level rating within few seconds without even my knowledge… and when I ask them why? All they could say was they will look into the matter. But still it’s been months and I am nothing but a normal seller without any level but having more than 100++ salesss (you guys can check my profile too @

And nowadays, I am getting sad so I am not accepting much orders… All I did was a background research about the buyers and have a good conversations with them and finally if i find something fishy, I just request cancellation… I don’t care about the money, but I really do cares about my effort and my valuable time that I would be wasting trying things that I won’t be rewarded or regarded… So am just cancelling order too often after my ratings have been remove…!!!

Anyway, let nobody face the stuffs that I am facing… it’s really horrible…


P.S.:I felt extremely sorry for my clients who felt angry/sad just because I request cancellation to their requirements, but what else can I do…?? I too am really disappointed… ;(*

Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Throw away that crap quote, just tell me one thing: what will you feel when more than 10-40 clients order your video gigs and after receiving your final stuffs all you receive was a message saying “This is holly crap, I don’t like this. Please refund. Else, I will contact fiverr support”???

Awaiting reply,


According to my idea…great communication with Patience will solve any kind of problem…

Say some buyer cheated you…by may be putting a negative feedback for any narrow reason…then you can communicate with buyer…in a polite way…and If not only you can ask gently and with explanation about what was going on …from a customer care team member…

Well that is what I practiced…no worries till now…I never used bad words or angry words for any buyer who got disappointed in my work or my price…I just said ok…you can search for someone who could satisfy your needs etc…and whenever something went wrong I contacted support team…they helped me out after I explained them what was wrong and why it was unfair at my end.

So I am not that much follow your idea…I think …everyone has to earn their place…build up a good communication between support team and buyers… B-)

An entrepreneur usually finds a way to succeed regardless of the circumstances.

Reply to @oldbittygrandma: You will never had the chance to do that… as the buyer will approach the support and cancel it first and later you will came to know about that… that’s the thing I was facing last time too…

Well… I am not asking for help here… just trying to know if that kind of things happen to you guys too?? Just in case…

now I have my own way to solve them… so I don’t need any help here (just to clarify)…

Hope that makes sense.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: If you don’t like to share it then just leave that… you are not force to do it… I welcome those who like to share their experience(of such kind) in fiverr…


I think most buyers (and people in general) are not out to hurt others and cause problems. Most issues occur because of communication, which can be very difficult by just reading/writing. Add in cultural aspects and that can cause more communication gaps.

I recommend really trying to understand what your buyers want and make sure that you have your descriptions as accurate as possible. I’ve been selling for a while and I still make updates to my gigs to make them easier to understand.

If you get a customer that is not happy, it’s best to not immediately think they’re trying to rip you off, but rather that they simply want something other than what was provided. This often opens up the doorway (Hey, it feels good to work with someone that understands you!) and they usually end up being very great and generous customers.

Good luck!

Reply to @beatcraigslist: I had a Fiverr buyer who clearly did not read my description and threatened to give me negative feedback if I did not give him a refund. I refused and he went ahead, but all Support did was cancel the gig and give him his money back. He already had my product in his hand, so the bottom line was, he got a free product from me. Fiverr Support never bothered to read his threat to me.

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Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Couldn’t agree more…I’ve had this happen too and I spent so much time dealing with the threats and trying to get compensated for my work that I could have completed several gigs had I just moved on.

Reply to @oldbittygrandma: I understand that, but I am also concerned that if this happens too often with a specific buyer to various sellers, that Customer Support would take note of the buyer.

I have 98% feedback on my most popular gig and that is from 45 positive feedback and 1 negative and all of my gigs except for one are 100% positive.

I am still apprehensive of the level going down.

Reply to @mintyone: Makes sense.

Reply to @oldbittygrandma: The problem is others who view your gig see that rating.