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Do you think Fiverr has broken promises to sellers

I remember how all sellers on the forum raved when Fiverr said that mutual cancellations would not hurt our ratings? How long did that last? I can understand why Fiverr may focus on buyers but to me the gap between Fiverr’s focus on sellers v.s. buyers is widening. Hence, the new review system!


I’m suffering a lot for cancellation. :frowning:


Right…at one time mutual cancellations did not hurt you but that promise didn’t last long. Why Fiverr puts so much focus on the buyer at the seller’s expense is really a tragedy.


We don’t have any power! I would say what they introduce wheter it benifits or not Fiverr is the boss. We have to just make ourselves fit the rules, regulations and new system

Me Too $190 Lost In Last 7 Days

@justgeek I’m not worried about $ but cancellation rate :frowning: my level will be down.

That’s because sellers kept trading mutual cancellations for feedback removal whenever they didn’t like the rating they received.

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I thought you had to agree to the mutual cancellation before they rated the gig but then again there has been so many changes I may be getting it mixed up with other changes and my memory is not serving me well.

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