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Do you think Fiverr Pro wil make it? What are some Buyers Thoughts?

I must admit, Fiverr Pro got us talking about something other than Fiverr’s algorithm. So in that regard, it is a success.

I keep wondering if Fiverr’s brand is right for this type of market. It’s success obviously depends on buyers. Will they flock to Fiverr Pro for their high end products and services? I don’t see the typical fiverr buyer doing so. So for it to be a success, I would think Fiverr needs to market Fiverr Pro to a different crowd then the norm.

Only time will tell if it works or not, but meanwhile, it can be fun to speculate. Any thoughts?


There is a pro seller selling a promotional video for $1,200. That’s great. It’s just a pity that they have no reviews and are illegally using the Emirates logo and several different clips from youtube videos and movies such as Sunshine in their gig promo video.

In short, Fiverr Pro = Copyright violations like the world has never seen before. I just can’t wait for the first people who realize that they have been monumentally scammed to find their way to the Daily Mail. I mean Fiverr is saying that they hand pick pro sellers…


I would assume, given the popularity of Fiverr, that buyers with a minimal budget and those with higher budgets have visited Fiverr and only One type of buyer was serviced.

Offering the “Pro” gigs make a lot of sense because of Fiverr’s popularity.

What does not makes sense is the placements of these gigs. The “Pro” gigs should be placed on a different URL entirely.


I agree. Fiverr Pro is fundamentally a different type of service and does not belong mixed up with regular sellers on Fiverr. It should be its own marketplace. Then, I would be positive about the idea and concept.


Yes…I think if it had its own place and URL it would be better received and make it easier to appeal to a certain type of buyer. They may even want to cater to corporations with these type of prices

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It Think it Gonna be a Big Plof, why will a Buyer Purchase a Service in $100 which is available in $5 with Common Sellers?

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I think most agree with you…it has the potential if it was in its own environment, but as is, I don’t think the Fiverr Pro and the Regular should be mixed.

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If I’m a buyer I would like to get as much as samples so that I can choose the best one. At the moment if you place an order with a seller, you will get 1-4 designs and that’s it. You can get same amount of samples with a very low budget. So there should be a different.

My suggestion is when a buyer need to go with a Pro package, it should open to sellers. May be for those who selected as “Pro sellers”. Then the buyer will get more samples.


You are right, only time will tell.

I would like to add, I personally strongly believe that just because a seller doesn´t have a PRO badge that doesn´t mean they are not a pro.

However, if any professional seller would like to have the badge in hoping to get more revenue, it is understandable. I mean, in general, a businessman usually will be happy if they can make more money.

Again, each to their own.

For sellers who don´t have the PRO badge, don´t feel discouraged or anything like that. Imagine if every single seller would get the PRO badge and there wouldn´t be a $5, $10, $15; $20, etc (you get the gist) anymore, imagine the competition among the sellers. That´s okay too, coz that means the sellers would make more money. Forget about they would lose the certain type of (cheap) buyers (like me) who come to this site for certain reasons (for the better deals - better in their opinions, not in everyone´s opinion). The sellers would get totally different type of buyers and this site should really re-brand their business.

So yeah, only time will tell. :slight_smile:

I just saw a person who joined fiverr last month (June 2017). No reviews, No sales. Has gigs that range from 2000$ basic to 7000$ premium and is apparently a pro. Question is a pro of what. Fiverr says they have verified this people as pro sellers. I am sure fiverr didn’t call the companies that those pro sellers claim to have worked with to make the necessary inquiries. Another thing I notices when you log in fiverr the pro sellers are the first to pop up, this option can be disable by toggling the button but why was it turned on in the first place, I should be the one to turn it on not to find it already turned on.


I suppose to attract those certain buyers maybe? (edit: I agree with others, Fiverr Pro and the Regular shouldn´t be mixed). :slight_smile:

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That is the one thing I have noticed in searching – at least in my neck of the woods. Before Pro, the gigs at top would rotate. But now with Pro, the Pro gigs don’t rotate. They stay pinned at the top position permanently. These subtle things tell me that Fiverr is trying to tell us something and in my eyes the future isn’t pretty for regulars, but time will tell.

I realize search results can vary depending on where you live so not sure if every one is seeing what I’m seeing.

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I just found out what’s with all those social platform questions in the Pro application form. They’re used to show some icons in the Pro seller profile, albeit not clickable, just simple icons.


@Woofy31 Yeah, it should be clickable.

I did a bit searching though.

I saw a pro gig and the seller social presence is LinkedIn. It´s not clickable. But then I searched his profile picture on Google and I found his LinkedIn profile.

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how do you search a picture on google?

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You drag & drop the image on the Google Images page.


If you hover, it shows you the amount of followers they have.


How many? :confused:

It depends on how many followers they have on that particular social media account! Check it out :slight_smile:

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