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Do you think fiverr®️ protects it's sellers?

Firstly, I have been on fiverr®️ for a few years now as a buyer and have been happy with my experiences.
I added Seller to my resume about a year ago and have had mixed feelings about my experience with it. I’ve had positive feedback and no issues with deliveries so far, but just today a buyer cancelled a custom order citing, “since you missed your delivery due date”
fiverr®️ immediately cancelled the order, returned the customer’s money, " THE BUYER CANCELLED THIS ORDER AND FUNDS WERE RETURNED TO THEIR BALANCE." and I am left with nothing but confusion.
I reached out to my customer via email as I could no longer contact them through fiverr®️, and thankfully it was an error on their end and are trying to fix it. Hopefully. ( I just received the email as I am writing this, lol)
Still, For every other seller that works hard to deliver a quality product, there is no seller protection against fraud or other reasons to cancel. We deliver the order, the buyer has it but can still request a revision and can still cancel the order anytime even after receiving said order. With no explanation?
Don’t get me started on the amount fiverr®️ takes from it’s sellers… even from our tips they collect $, and we lose even more money when transferring funds out from fiverr®️. Sheesh. They are making money off of us, and I am ok with part of that considering the platform they provide, but we should get just as much protection as buyers for what we pay to fiverr®️ and for the work we do that makes fiverr®️ what it is. There would be no fiverr®️ without Sellers!
Thoughts on this?


Yes of course fiverr Does…!

We all know fiverr’s policies, if you missed dead line, buyer can cancel order…you missed it and buyer cancelled ! There is no need of protection in this case., thats what deadline and fiverr Timer means…

You could have asked for time extension to your buyer, but you didn’t…moreover you broke TOS by contacting buyer through Email…here you are in fault again…, Now you may also get an account warning if buyer would reach to CS complaining about your Email more as a spam !


Well, did you? If you did miss the deadline I think that’s a fair reason for a cancellation tbh. We’d always expect they’d be more understanding, specially if it’s a small delay and you’ve been in touch with them and explained as to why, but it’s their right to cancel it if you didn’t fully honored your side of the deal, and here I’m of course assuming they were not lying about the order being late.

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You miss the timeline. It can be the reason for the cancel of your order but it’s true that Fiverr should be create new rules for the buyer.


Have you ever delivered an order here on fiverr®️ and the buyer requests a revision? fiverr®️ marks any on time delivery as late regardless if it is on time.
I wouldn’t be here whining about a cancelled order if I failed to deliver on time. That is not the issue here.

I wasn’t expecting every response to be so judgmental, lol.
But, regardless… I delivered the order on time. He was extremely happy, but requested revisions as that was part of the original agreement. (The buyer originally emailed me the contents packet for the gig as it was very large.)
That’s not the point I am trying to focus on. It’s about doing everything right, but still being on the losing end if a buyer decides to cancel. Hence the title of this post,
Does fiverr®️ protect it’s sellers?

Thanks, and yes I agree, but I did not miss the timeline. I delivered on time, but fiverr®️, for some strange reason, still marks your delivery as late even while in revision. I’ve read other people questioning this in other posts. That’s not my issue though. It’s about doing and delivering the order and still having no security if buyer cancels.

Yes, I think most of us have been in that situation.

Actually that’s one of the ways I think Fiverr benefits sellers over buyers. Technically your order was late, it just didn’t count towards late deliveries.

Personally I think we should set our delivery times with enough time to allow for revisions and still be within the original due date, but because revisions do not count against the original deadline most sellers (just guessing) don’t.

I feel we tend to use the term ‘deadline’ lightly here by the reason mentioned above:

dead·line - The latest time or date by which something should be completed.

Completed being the key point. Sent for revision is different than completed. Given how Fiverr operates I can see how we’d see it as unfair, but I still believe your client, however unreasonable, still had a valid reason to cancel this order.

Considering your buyer emailed you and your account still around I’d reconsider the ‘losing end’ bit. You could’ve got your account banned for that.

Obviously as a title says “buyer canceled your order” not fiver. It’s a chargeback and fiverr didn’t take any part in it.

Guess what? That’s a worst violation you could’ve done on fiverr. If fiverr will find out that you had an outside contact with your client over email they will ban your account right away.

And here is the article for you to read what does “cancelled by buyer mean”
All you had to do is to contact fiverr support to resolve it and you would’ve gotten your money back.


Yes, that is obvious… not chasing fiverr®️ for that, rather an explanation of how it can happen so indecisively.

Thanks for the tip.
Seems like most people are her to educate rather than discuss.

Yes, I did receive those two emails. All it basically stated was thanks, have a great day. You’re out of luck.
I did reach out to CS to find out answers to this situation, and then posted my first post here in the forums to see what people thought about the incident and get some feedback. I’ve read through forum posts over the past year or so and notice most people are very critical and kinda attack with responses blaming the poster for their misconduct and actions, lol. I thought I would see how this one would fare.

I’m sure you and the others are keeping yourselves busy on that one! :wink:

It was a rhetorical question.

Um… so a 3 day order better be delivered with in the day of being ordered I guess. Make room for revision time, good advice, thank you!
I offer my customers extremely custom services and have even held back on delivering the order as I waited for their feedback and changes before final delivery. Sure, not “technically” right, but I ensure my customers get what they want.

…and we’ll see how you feel when it happens to you.
This isn’t about the gig being cancelled. My original thought for this thread was no f’s given for the seller if a buyer cancels… that’s all. I appreciate your input though.

Thanks for the advice! I will be more carefuller in future actions by doing everything right. I made a word there.

I’m sorry but how is that can be “critical” if I even wrote that article to help others?
How is that “blaming” if I gave you a warning to be careful with not breaking rules?

Sigh, well good luck with fiverr then if you see people who’s trying to help you that they are “blaming” you.


I wasn’t referring to your advice. Here is what I wrote in context,

Your advice regarding “Tips for sellers” was sound and correct.

I love making these quote things… very cool. I don’t think anyone is blaming me, well, most of the responses have been saying it was my fault “For delivering the order late!” which I didn’t by the way, but hey, I am not taking it personally. Everyone is missing the point of this.

I will say it again as I have many times before, Fiverr is buyer-sided! I mean they cancel whenever they want, even when they have the work and seller gets no say. :frowning: Even if seller is able to clarify to CS, that the buyer cheated, the buyer is already gone with the money AND the service/product!

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I agree to a point, as the buyer is bringing the money to the platform. Focus on quality sellers is equally important too. Crappy sellers will make fiverr®️ no money and the platform will be a joke. There are many talented sellers on here, I know as I have had many conversations and bought their services.

Thanks for seeing the point I am trying to present in this thread… probably the first one. I can’t comment on other people’s experiences, but I do know what I am going through… summed up as,
“The buyer is immediately refunded their money and the seller feels kicked to the curb.”
That is not right.

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Not my experience with chargebacks. In the OP case it’s a CHARGEBACK not fiverr cancelling an order.
Every time I had a chargeback fiverr managed to get my money back even if took a whole month.


I am sure there will be people thinking the cancellation was valid and kind of rip you apart for the post. So I won’t go into the interaction, however I do agree the protections afforded to buyers are not afforded to sellers in any near similar capacity. In fact I believe the seller is economically abused by both the salacious buyer and Fiverr. I do not think any seller will disagree the commission fee for orders is too high compared to other free lance platforms and Fiverr even takes a cut of the tip. The first time that happened to me I immediately emphasized with serves in the restaurant industry. Secondly while some sellers build a buffer in for revisions other sellers I know gather scope and communicate well enough they never have revisions I assume you are the latter. This then makes it a reasonable assumption you clearly are a solid seller.

It sucks when you have a crappy buyer literally robbing from you and Fiverr really doesn’t do anything to fight for the seller and file a dispute with paypal. For all the people here on the forum that preach TOS like gospel Fiver needs to update TOS and have a dept or something to fight these kinds of disputes. They would actually be making money by not losing out on money from these fraudulent activities.

I do hope your buyer is being honest and trying to fix the situation and cancel the chargeback. Best of luck and I hope you do get paid for the hard work you put in already.


Actually, I also don’t know… Why this is happening?
And what is charge-back?

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Charge-back is when a buyer cancels the order and gets his money back.

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How about to use google for that?

Chargeback if your client opens a dispute with his payment provider, not fiverr.