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Do you think Fiverr should have an option to recommend services we could create?

I think Fiverr should have an option which recommended services we could create based on all the info they have, eg. about the skill tests we’ve taken and the scores we’ve achieved in various tests, about the gigs we’ve created and the categories they’re in and their profitability and any other info they have. They could also ask additional questions to help determine the best, most profitable services for a particular seller. What do you think?

Do you think Fiverr should have an option to recommend services a seller could create?

  • Yes - An option for recommended services that a seller could create would be good.
  • No - I wouldn’t want this feature
  • I don’t know
  • Other.

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edit: It doesn’t have to have the “profitability” bit included in the algorithm if that wouldn’t be a good idea. The recommendation system could still recommend general services to sellers based on the data it has of their skills, gigs, and other things the seller might specify, without that the profitability part and it could still be a useful feature of the site.


I voted no, as this would just lead to profitable niches some freelancers can tap using their own ingenuity, becoming over-saturated with rubbish sellers.

Also, if sellers need to be told what services to create, I’d say they shouldn’t be selling.


Yet you posted a thread about not receiving enough orders and what you did about it a week ago. Surely a system that recommended services and maybe other stuff could help everyone with their orders if they have the skills and the system to do the recommended services. Just because it recommended something it doesn’t mean a seller has to use any of the recommendations if they don’t want to. Also Fiverr should have enough data to help sellers with this (ie. Fiverr could keep track of more data related to the site/a seller’s stats than probably any seller knows). Sellers can’t just create gigs to try to see which would be best for them as there is very limited number of gigs available per level etc. It’s something that should be able to help sellers if they pick the right recommended services (and most profitable) for their skills.

Even if they didn’t pick one of the recommended services it could help them decide which services to create, ie. giving them ideas for which direction to go for most profit per hour worked.

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@uk1000 I completely agree with you as if there’s an option for us to recommend a service on a particular niche, it will be good
Maybe fiverr can run RECOMMEND A SERVICE system for a month, and the idea for which most people vote should be implemented in 1 month
This can include sellers and buyers both

But I know implementing this will be tough too

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Indeed. I posed a thread about what I did, not what anyone advised me to do.

The problem here is that you are presuming that someone with the skills do deliver a certain service needs to be told "hey have you ever thought about offering X service?" They don’t. The people who need a recommendation like that are usually a few ears short of a full cornfield.

What you suggest would be damaging. Sellers with the cognitive power to tap and experiment with new niches would start making sales. Fiverr would then think "hey ho, that new kind of gig is selling well. To make more $$$'s I’ll recommend that all the other sellers who passed similar skills tests create a similar gig."

As soon as that happens, you will get a flood of new people offering the gig in question, many who will not be capable of delivering the same standard of work as the original seller. After all, they won’t have taken the time to understand the needs of the market they are now tapping. If they had, they would have already tapped it.

Anyway, what you are suggesting already exists. If you search for services similar to yours in the Fiverr search, you will start getting gig recommendations from Fiverr via email.


They could start with a very basic version and then improve it, making it better and more accurate. They already have the option for recommendations to buyers (even though that could be improved) and they already had/have the option to recommend skills in the skills list (when you’ve not used the max).

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Fiverr doesn’t need such a feature. You know your skills and as @cyaxrex said, it all comes down to your ingenuity and creativity. I don’t want to see the market flooded with ideas similar to mine if I am the one that created it and there’s no one like me. It would be unfair to copy someone’s ideas.

You can browse the site and get ideas on your own, Fiverr would better add some other features that actually make a seller’s life easier, not this.


People may know their skills (or some of the their skills) but that doesn’t tell them the most worthwhile, most profitable, in demand things they could do with those skills. They could use those skills for X and earn hardly any profit or for Y and earn much more profit per hour worked. The recommendation system, if well designed (not just the buyer recommendation system as it currently stands) could help them find out what Y service(s) they should be creating or using. Fiverr has a lot more data for this (with the seller’s knowledge also included) than the seller does alone.


It’s just recommending stuff they can do. It’s not telling them they must do it or forcing them in any way. It already recommends things in the skills list to sellers who have few enough. This would just be better for sellers. If we’re not employees now, even though it recommends skills to some sellers, we still wouldn’t be employees if it recommended (not told/forced sellers to do something) services they could create that are likely to be profitable for them.

Then it wouldn’t recommend things if you were the sole person doing it. It could just recommend stuff where there is enough peole doing similar things. It wouldn’t recommend exact gig titles, just rough/overall services (that were most likely to be most profitable).

This is a bad idea, plain and simple.

Fiverr can’t recommend you stuff because they don’t know your skills. You are the one that knows your skills and you have to figure out the best way to take advantage of them. If you’re creative you can find some amazing niches.

You can easily get the same results if not better if you browse Fiverr yourself. Let’s face it, Fiverr will never impose people to do anything. As @misscrystal said above, we are independent contractors and not employees. They will never include such an idea as we have free reign on what services we want to offer. And copying someone else’s ideas is totally unfair, if they have original ideas…


Then why have they created the Fiverr Skills Tests which they want people to use and where they have stats on every Fiverr Skill Test taken and which it can show divided into categories for skills? They can have lots of info on our skills from that and other data as well as additional questions they could ask sellers.

I’ve already addressed that in my post above. It wouldn’t be copying anyone’s unique ideas, just overall services which are already in demand and likely to be most profitable. eg. there are many people selling logo designing or article writing or video editing or explainer video gigs. Nobody is the only person allowed to create any of those.

Where did I say that? I said Fiverr knows which skills someone has from the skills tests they’ve taken on Fiverr. Fiverr already knows what skills they have from any gigs already created and their performance/stats.

But not the most profitable use of those skills. eg. if someone has skills in both A and B but they would be best using skills A to create a particular service (which they don’t know the likely profitabiltiy of) this would help.

Sure I think fiverr needs to recommend things sellers can do when they are in the dark about what to offer. What a good idea! I’m sure people need suggestions like this. It should lead to a lot of great sellers offering things that they didn’t think of offering but which they are really great at.

@uk1000 You have dozens of skills listed I see, so maybe fiverr could find some more niches for you where you could use some of those many skills. Personally I wouldn’t want to have fiverr giving me suggestions for what to sell but maybe others feel differently.

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Fiverr didn’t create the skills tests. They paid to use tests created by a third-party test vendor. Up until recently, Fiverr’s biggest competitor used to offer the same tests. They have now stopped doing so because of test answers being readily available online and tests not reflecting the real competency of sellers.

In short, a recommendation system using the skills tests to asses what sellers are capable of would be open season for mek-sells.

I offer cryptocurrency article writing. I offer that as I was involved in the cryptocurrency market before I created my gig. I had already been writing for off-Fiverr clients and had my own crypto blog.

Your recommendation system could well start suggesting to writers, "hey, ever thought about creating a crypto writing gig?" Reputable writers who are not familiar with the cryptocurrency market would pass on the opportunity. On the flip side, every "how do I mek-sell" writer would rush at the opportunity to create a crypto article writing gig, despite not being capable of delivering anything of value.

You say that your idea wouldn’t affect things like writing, logo design, or web design, etc, as lots of people already create those kinds of services. However, it would wreck subcategories in those gig niches

I’m honestly still at a loss as to why anyone would think a feature like this is necessary.

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There’s one thing that I really want to be able to sell, that’s my skill with Audio middleware for games (like FMOD and Wwise). So yeah, I think we should be able to suggest things to sell. Maybe to prevent things like what @cyaxrex was saying, you would have to verify your skills to get into those markets. I know that would be a good thing for audio middleware implementation, because that sh** is HARD. I love it to pieces, but it’s a pain in the ass to use and to learn. Think a mix of something like Unreal’s blueprint programming, C++, and a traditional DAW and you’ve got what the interface of an audio middleware program looks like. I very much think you should have to verify your skills to get into the niche categories, but I do think they should exist. After all, there are people who would be happy to contract out and contract for those services.

You’ve thought of something you would like to sell, so you can create a gig for that. It’s based on what you know you can do.

I thought most people knew what they were skilled enough in to offer to sell that but maybe people have skills they don’t know they have? And need to be told to offer that? I’m a little confused about this idea.

I used the phrase dim-witted, which apparently someone took offense to although I didn’t direct that at anyone, just a general thought that it might indicate some kind of lack of self awareness, but I guess someone took it personally or thought I meant them? I could have been more sensitive and said something like a lack of being aware you have a skill. Although I’m still wondering who would need to be told they have a marketable skill if they didn’t know that already.

So why don’t you sell it?

Well, this is basically the same as Steve Jobs calling Bill Gates in 2008 to say "hey Bill, we’ve got this new product which is starting to sell really well. We call it a smart phone. Ever thought of launching your own?"

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The category of gig I’d like to create doesn’t exist. Audio middleware implementation, or audio for games, or sound effect creation, or sound design. None of that shit exists. Honestly in any of those categories, you should have to verify your skill, but I want at least one of those categories to exist so I can offer a gig for it.

I see what you mean. Would people be doing a search for that specifically?

There’s mixing and mastering, but that’s in music. It’s the closest of the current categories. For god’s sake, there isn’t even sound design in the voice over section! I have so many audio-related categories I could suggest. The problem is right now those categories don’t exist and there isn’t an easy way to suggest them. So far as I understand, that’s what this thread was all about. I understand the need to verify skills (I in fact very much agree with it, but I think we need to be able to suggest new categories of products to sell).