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Do you think Fiverr should make an option to charge for custom samples?

Sometimes a potential buyer can ask for a custom sample to be made but they don’t want to make an order, and the buyer may not be specific enough about what they want. Work should not be started without an order (I think Fiverr tells potential buyers not to ask for free custom samples?), but maybe these would be better as a separate type of order - a “custom sample order”, which if ordered, could be different from normal orders, eg. maybe it’s lower priced than a normal order or doesn’t have reviews. Maybe the custom sample, if ordered, still has a watermark on it after delivery so it can’t be used like a full order can. And/or maybe it’s a rough/preview version and if they want the full version they can order the normal gig.

Do you think there should be an option to purchase custom samples (which could be lower priced than normal orders)?

  • Yes - we could have a seperate type of order for custom samples
  • No - it should stay as it is
  • Other
  • Don’t know

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How would this be different from making an order, anyway? They would have to pay for the custom sample, and by doing that, they would make some kind of order anyway. The solution if you want to charge for a sample is to just send them a custom offer for this.

See the post above. It could just be a rough version/a watermark version and they could not have the option to review (since it’s not fully quality etc.), and it could be cheaper than the full version. They could also upgrade to the full version by paying the difference between that and the full order price. Maybe with a bit extra because of the extra work involved.

It’s basically for those who don’t want to pay the full price for a normal order (at least before they see a rough version showing them approx what they had in mind) but can get a custom sample to see if it’s roughly how they want it. It could be lower resolution than the normal order (lower resolution than what they want for the final product) if it’s a video/image.

It could be whatever you’d like to deliver, as agreed between you and the buyer. And all this could be solved using a custom offer. That’s why I don’t see the need for a new order format.

Some people don’t even want to pay $5 though but they want custom samples done of their idea. Maybe they’d pay for a custom sample if it was $4 or $3. And it could be lower res and still leave a watermark on it etc.

One example: a buyer comes to me with a 1000 word script, but they want to make sure I’m the right fit for their particular case. So they ask me to provide them with a sample of the first 100 words. I’d then send them a custom offer for the 100 words, and if they like it, I would send another custom offer for the whole script.

If someone can’t pay 5USD for a custom sample, that’s a whole other issue. Since Fiverr transactions are minimum 5 USD, that wouldn’t be solved by this suggestion.

It doesn’t matter what you deliver, you can still solve the need for custom samples by using the custom offer function.

But only if it’s >=$5. Which they don’t want to even pay for a custom sample. If Fiverr added the new thing and allowed $3/$4 custom samples it might help with that.

So you’re often having the issue of buyers wanting to order samples for 4USD, who refuses to order them for 5 USD?

No, I’m often having the issue of ‘buyers’ wanting free custom samples. This idea at least would give them a custom sample for an even more negligible fee than they’d pay with a normal order.

My opinion about this is: why would you sit down and work for 3USD at all? In any creative business, 80% of the work is coming up with the ideas. That would mean you would have to do work for 3 or 4 USD. I know I wouldn’t.

If someone wants free custom samples, I have a standard reply for all of them:

Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, I do not work for free. If you wish to make an order you can let me know at any time, and I’ll be happy to set up a custom offer for your needs.

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