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Do you think I talk too fast? - SURVEY


I just want to take a survey. As Fiverr limits our gig videos to 60 seconds. I have a very detailed gig which requires a fair bit of explaining and because my accent is New Zealand I think some people find it difficult to understand me as I have to speak fast just to cover everything.

If you have 1minute can you please click on my Interactive images gig - the only one that is mostly purple in colour.

Please comment with a number below as well as your nationality.

E.g. 5 England

  1. Extremely difficult to hear what I’m saying
  2. Hard to understand
  3. Satisfactory could not hear everything but the video & images explained the rest
  4. Great understood most of it
  5. Understood everything

Thanks for your help

Kind Regards,

Edited. I will just give you the shorter answer: 5 Hungary.

(With a note: I got used to working both with and for people from different countries, so I got used to hearing different accents).

fush n chups!

Hahaha! Fish and chips.

  1. Trinidad. :slight_smile:

mmmmmm making me hungry

  1. India :slight_smile:
  1. but as an expat kiwi I probably don’t count haha

haha true, I speak much faster in this gig though compared to others.