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Do you think I was sort of scammed?


So, this was my first transaction on Fiverr. I purchased services for a music logo. I was suppose to recieve several different formats including the vector. Well, I received a jpg (112kb). I know this sounds crazy, but I ended the transaction (accepted it) Even left great feedback. Now the seller is telling me that he will get all the files to me asap but something seems fishy! Advice?


If you didn’t get what the gig description said you would get you should ask to cancel the order. If the buyer refuses you can tell customer support. Sellers are supposed to deliver the complete order, not just part of it.


I think you should just give him time to send you all final files. And probably ask what would be a timeline for that. If he doesn’t send them within few days then you can contact support team and ask to cancel the order. But I would’ve give him a chance to send you files especially if he didn’t disappear and promised to deliver them ASAP


That sounds like a good game plan. I am probably over thinking it!