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Do you think i will be a level 2 seller even i have not completed 50 orders within 2 months?

Hi Friends,

I have created 26 orders and in analytic’s the badge is 80% completed, orders completed with no negative feedback, now i am worried that 2 months is passed. am i still able to get level 2 ?

can any one help me in this ?

Kind Regards,

Faisal Shah

You will need 50 orders completed to reach level 2 status

Hi, yes you are able to get Level 2 status after 50 orders, positive rating, and low cancellation rate.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been active on Fiverr, you just need to have had 50 orders within two months.

thanks buddy, yes i know but my question is 2 months is passed, am i still able to reach at level 2 if i complete 50 orders after 2 months

You need to full-fill all criteria in fiverr then only you can get seoclerks badge only.


You are able to get level 2 bedge now just need to complete 50 orders and you will have it. Best of for level 2.

Well you need the followings to make level 2

1.You must have completed at least 50 individual orders in two consecutive months
2. You must maintain at least a 4.5-star rating or above
3. You must have a low cancellation rate

But you didn’t"t tell us your rating though, I’ll advice you be patience, keep at it and you’ll make it, there is really not rush, build a solid foundation first, you’ll get there.

Hi every one thanks for your suggestions,

i know i have to complete 50 orders within 2 months and excellent rating which already have, i have delivered 29 orders completed 2 orders cancelled, now third month is started the badge is 80 filled, so 3rd month started and i have just completed 29 order, now tell me, m i still able to reach to level 2 ?

Kind Regards,

Faisal Shah

Until u reached the 50 orders, fiverr will not give u level 2. keep selling.

Reply to @lunabea: thanks dear now i am happy :slight_smile: wish you all best of luck (y)

Reply to @lunabea:

You must have to complete 2 month to get level 2 bedge.

Reply to @mallika255: Yep. That’s what I said.

Reply to @ecoverfuture: You quoted the page correctly, but the part about consecutive months probably won’t be a problem. Since I’ve been on Fiverr the months haven’t actually had to be consecutive and I don’t think it’s changed. Just an FYI for anyone reading.

Reply to @faisalshah42: You’ve already completed more than 2 months so that part is fine. IF you do have an excellent rating with low cancellations, that part is fine. You just haven’t finished with 50 orders. Keep going until you do, and within a few days after completing 50 you should get the Level 2 badge.

Reply to @fonthaunt: thanks thats what i was looking for :slight_smile:

Reply to @bestgig2014: yeah thanks :slight_smile: