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Do you think if I started on fiverr with low price gig or high price gig is more better?


I am interested in knowing if I started with 5$ gig or 50$ do you think that I will find buyers for this high gigs price.
I hope to have many answers about that. from the most experienced Fiverr’s


I think since you are offering services to translate from English, you should go very low. Plus, you should replace that profile pic of yourself with this. It’s more believable.


There are some things to consider when looking for buyers for higher priced gigs. Typically a buyer willing to spend more will also want a seller with a reasonable number of good reviews, a real photo, strong skills, samples, etc. If you want to try an expensive gig, go for it, but I wouldn’t expect much.


@fonthaunt What do you think of my new profile pic?


It’s nice and shady, almost creepy. I think that a darker suit would be good, though. The hat should be black as well.


Is this what you had in mind?
Dark NewsMike 01



The picture is fine. Unbelievable, but professional.

Your profile needs to say:

Hi, I’m Nancy, a native Arabic speaker. I am a pharmacist by day, and your Arabic-English translator by night. If you need a lightning-fast and accurate translation of an English text into Arabic, or an Arabic text into English, I’m here for you. You will be pleased, I promise you, or I will happily refund your order.

Typos on a writing gig are like a divorced marriage counselor: bad form.


You will find buyers equal to the efforts you put into marketing your chosen price on your gig.

No marketing efforts = most likely no sales. :wink:


I’m not sure I agree. The fake picture goes right to trust. Also might be better that she find a niche that she can excel in to make customers happy. If her gig is for translation, then those typos you mention and grammatical issues (more better) might be a cause of bad reviews. As a pharmacist, maybe something health related that she can be great at?

One final thought, I suggest never mentioning a money back guarantee in the gig.


It looks like a politician at the mall.


Re: Mentioning the happy-or-your-money-back: I play it up BIGLY, and I don’t have a problem with refunds. It’s comforting to buyers. But some categories may be different in this regard.

Re: Fake picture. Yes, they’re bad. But…a lot of Fiverr profile shots depict conflicted characters who look as likely to kill you as delivery excellent work. I don’t know, but I would pick the pretty model drinking coffee over 90% of the real profile pics out there. Would I rather see a friendly, professional, real picture, or a stock photo? Definitely the former. But Shutterstock beats the mugshot of a deranged person, me thinks.


That may become an issue, based on the writing we’re seeing so far.


thank you @newsmike
that what I’m looking for good advice from experience fiverr’s


The thing about getting good advice is that you also need to take it. You still have the same picture, and this is still in your gig description: 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE


That’s true @jonbaas great work deserves more but in my start, I need that all buyer’s know that I do high-quality work so I start with the lowest price I can give.


really I’m not interested in change picture because I WANT BUYER DISCOVER MY GOOD AND HIGH-QUALITY WORK NOT MY SELF PICTURE
thank you @misscrystal


thanks @sellfors
you give me what I needs that’s great I’ll edit it very soon


Alright. Good luck with that. My own experience, and comments from other veteran sellers here on the forums, would seem to conflict with your high expectations. But… you’ll learn the same as you go.


But that’s not a picture of you… so, in reality, you’re committing fraud. Good sellers don’t try to fool their customers. By using that photo, YOU are trying to fool people into thinking that you’re that attractive woman in the photo you stole from the internet. You’re hoping that a picture of a pretty girl results in you getting more orders. That’s one of the oldest tricks in the book… and buyers are starting to realize it.

You’re not going to be successful by committing fraud.

Use a photo of yourself (or a logo for your business). That’s what a good businessman does.


This is falling on deaf ears.