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Do you think it's safe to edit gigs at the moment?

I don’t expect to get a definitive answer, just to hear different opinions. The last time I made any changes to the gig in question was way before all this mess with algorithm testing started, so now I’m wondering if I should wait a little more before touching anything. I haven’t been too horribly affected by the algorithm change and I don’t want to push my luck (let’s hope I don’t jinx it with this thread :slight_smile: ), but on the other hand, about a year ago my gigs were doing better if I was regularly updating them. What do you think will happen now?

What are your experiences with editing gigs over the past few months? Do you have any horror stories to share, or maybe encouraging stories instead?


If you need to edit you gig(s), then do so. You can’t be afraid of what MIGHT happen. You can’t control the unknown. Do what you need to to keep your gigs current and professional.

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Go head don’t worry. make your gig more attractive and professional.

I’m new to the site. What are the changes to the algorithm and what might happen if I edit my gigs?

If you’re new, don’t worry about the algorithm changes. If you edit your gigs, it’ll take a few hours for them to reappear in the search.


Thanks everyone!

@jonbaas I mostly agree with you, and I had everything worked out and prepared and all there was left was to actually edit the gig, so I thought I’d see how others feel about this now.

@balacafa The search algorithm was a pretty frequent topic, and it still is, although as far as I can see not as much as before. Search the Forum for it and you’ll find plenty of info. Still, if you’re new, I don’t think you have to worry about it.

I wouldn’t touch them. The only gigs I have that do ok now are ones I have not updated ever. I changed the tags of some others when they said the algorithm change favored tags but they have not done well.

We hear of gigs being removed or moving far back in the listings now when they are updated or changed.

I have the feeling that changes made to gigs are always considered attempts to manipulate the search algorithm and are penalized now, as strange as that sounds.

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Yeah, that’s precisely why I wanted to hear what others had to say about this. I know my gigs would do better if they were better under normal circumstances, but the fact that these aren’t normal circumstances is why I only mostly agree that editing gigs to make them more professional is always a good idea.

It kinda makes sense, unfortunately, although I don’t think it’s a good solution if what you say is the reason. I remember seeing a post a while back where someone wrote that they would add a space or a word, or make any small change, because it would bump the gig up. But there has to be a better way to deal with that than this.

But we can’t be sure how much longer this is going to take and if things are going to go back to the way they were before the change. We could all wait forever. I might as well edit my least important gig first as it needs some work too and see how things go.

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Now it’s the opposite, where we can’t do anything to our gigs. My best gigs are the few that I’ve never touched for the past year at least. I’m not sure if that is a coincidence or not.

I updated my gig recently and the only thing that happened is that it disappeared for about two days. Because the gig only has two pages of info I keep a check on it to see if anything happens. What I note is that the gig changes position often and all I can think is that the algorithm happens so that everyone is featured high in the search results and another low in the search results, giving everyone a little bit of viewership.

@misscrystal I assume you’ve already got the “Don’t touch anything!” advice more times that you’d like to. Does anything change over time if you leave the slow gigs alone?

Thanks for sharing this, @shashanewallace. That seems logical and it’s something I expected to happen before creating this thread. However, I’ve read numerous posts that suggest that not everyone shows up in search results equally, but then again, with so many sellers in every category, that might not be possible at all.

I’ve decided to work on the less important gigs in the morning and see what happens in a day or two. If things don’t go completely wrong, I’ll do it for the main gig. I’ll create some new ones as well in the next few days, and I’m curious to see how they behave.

Right, I was able to check the progress with that particular gig and watch the trend because there are only two search pages under that category. I should think other categories where they are several pages of sellers offering the same service would be less visible as they float all over the board.

No. So far they have never recovered their previously good sales that they used to have before I made any changes. I wish I had never changed anything.

There was a period beginning in May where everything started going down and the only things that have recovered somewhat are the few that I’ve never changed at all.

My impressons are all under 1000 per every 7 days on all gigs but the three or four I’ve never changed, which are at about 1200 to 1500 impressions a week- which I still think is not good but at least they do get some sales.

I do want to again say that things have improved for me sales-wise in the last two weeks. I have high hopes for a recovery from all this. I feel that fiverr is trying to make some repairs or improvements to the algorithm from what I am seeing.

Well, I hope things do start going for the better, for you and the others who are in trouble. I’ll do this the way I planned, and then I’ll decide if I should leave my main gig alone or update it as well.

It is hard to tell this time of year. Do not forget a lot of people are on Summer holidays so things are quieter than usual.

Edit your gigs if you can add something useful to them rather than for the sake of it :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t edit them just for the sake of it , especially not now. We’ll see what the next couple of days bring. Summer won’t last forever :slight_smile:

If you’re sales are going good and your gig is getting good number of impressions/clicks then don’t change it.