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Do you think luck has abandoned you? need a lucky cactus then

Hey comunity, i have a new gig, i hope you like it, thanks.!

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I’d delete this gig asap. Your artistic talents would be much better suited to an Android or IOS game a bit like Angry Birds. Create an illustration gig by all means, just also head over to somewhere like GitHub and Kickstarter to raise some funds and development help to get a Lucky Cactus game started. (Or something like that).

Basically your art (I think) is pretty darned good.

Hi friend. I already have assets in different markets and I think there is no problem to make some cactus if someone likes. I need some money because my tablet is broken and if I have to make several cactus to buy a new tablet I think there is no problem on my part…
Anyway I have not had much luck here… try only to do new things… thanks.